Wednesday, June 18

Two heads used to be better

Zach took his last test yesterday morning. Since he had to start work today, we thought we'd take advantage of the rest of his day off by getting our backed up laundry done and going to COSI with the kids.

I swear, we always forget something when we both get things ready to leave, which is when we spontaneously decide to do something with the kids. We don't do a thorough check off in our heads, because there's such a whirlwind of activity. One-parent prep is more methodical. So this time we remembered sippy cups, sandwiches, bananas, hair clippies, socks, shoes, COSI pass, stroller. We were going to put all the food in the diaper bag, but I got out a grocery bag and stuffed it in. So guess what we left hidden between the toybox and the elliptical.

Neither of us had changed Bree, who was getting kinda squishy, (does this mean we changed Anya twice?) so Zach bought two single diapers from the gift shop on our way in: $3 freakin' dollars. And guess who ended up using the other one? While I was changing Bree I asked Mia if she needed to go, thinking the fact she was running her hands under the water in the kiddie sink would elicit an honest answer. "No, mommy." Huh. Ten minutes later, we're playing in the H2O area, and Mia walks up to me cowgirl-style. Potty-trained shmotty-trained.

But you know what? We had fun. I can't really go into it, but I have recently come to experience joy like never before in my life. It caught me by surprise the other day when I realized I wasn't just laughing with the babies so they would feel happy. I felt happy. And I noticed it. I don't know if it's just because I'm finally over the much advised-about "first twin year," or the effects of some life-altering realizations and changes. But I'm thinking the latter, because I've never felt like this before. Despite (and maybe due to?) some of the most challenging obstacles I've ever faced, I really like myself and my life for the first time- ever.


The Garber Family said...

I am so happy for you -- to hear that you are so happy. What an important place to be when you are so far away from a lot of things that are comfortable... what a blessing!
By the way, I-Tunes has had some business from me because I love all the music on your blog. I'm still having a hard time getting a playlist/personal layout on my blog, but I probably just need to call you and have you walk me through stuff...

Magirk said...

Awesome. :-)

('The much advised-about first twin year.' Hahaha!)