Monday, June 23

Ignorance vs. Bopping

Zach and I were listening to one of our favorite songs and commenting that we had no idea what the lyrics were. We joked about how we didn't want to look them up, because we might be disappointed.

Then the next day our Sunday School teacher talked on Ignorance vs. Innocence vs. Intentional Misbehavior.

So, the next day- happens to be today- me and the babies were bopping out, and I decided I should finally get around to checking out the lyrics to this one. Aloooooooo-ha. Don't you hate it when you find out one of your favorite songs had the F-word in it the whole time?


Okay- Zach just got home, and told me the version I got off the music player is different than the Radiomix we've been listening to, which has no swearwords. But still.

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