Saturday, June 28

Does she keep ya' Anya toes?

This is from today! She was so proud of herself- giggling and awestruck all at the same time. You could just see it in her face that she was so thrilled with this new perspective and sensation of bi-ped mobility. Well- almost mobile. Right now, I'd call her a teeter-toddler. Zach was in the bathroom painting, and I had just come down the stairs to find her standing by her chair. She actually made it all the way over to me, and snuggled me like she knew what a momentous occasion it was. I actually got teary-eyed it was so cute. She performed again for Daddy while I got the camera out. Woo hoo! Go Anya!!


Magirk said...


Isn't that moment just so crazy awesome?!

Congratulations to her. :)

Mitchell Family said...

That is so great! I was very teary when Savanna took her first steps to freedom! Thanks for all the advice on digi scarpbooking. I will look into it further very soon. I just had my music rectial so I have the entire month of July off... YEAH! Hopefully I can get into it then.

Marsie Pants said...

That is probably the most clever post title I've ever seen.

Hot Air said...

Better than the last one anyway.. ;-)