Tuesday, June 3

Tag! You're fault!

(Yes, the apostrophe is on purpose.) I love toddler-ese. Not just the grammar and pronunciation, but the rules of etiquette. "Can we get fwench fwies at Old McDonald's?" Mia blessed the food the other day, and said she was grateful for Costco. A couple of days later she blessed the food and asked to go to the 'seum. (The science museum with a kid play area.)

"Happy Smother's Day!"

I am a Child of God: "Has given me and earthly home with parents kind of dear.."

Enimems are her favorite treat.

"Mom? Are you putting makeup on to cover your zits? Wow- you're beauutiful! Do I have zits, too?" Later, looking at the dimples on her hands, "I have holes! Like the babies! Do you have holes?"

Daddy burps: "Bless you, Daddy!"

Time is completely arbitrary. Things can happen "yesterday morning tomorrow." If she's taken a nap, then this morning becomes last week.


Summer said...

Hi Summer! Thanks for stopping by.

Both of my boys sang I am a child of God that way to until recently. I thought it was very cute that we were only kind of dear.

Maikku said...

These had me cracking up!