Sunday, September 15

Summer's over!

We've had a busy bunch of weeks!  Mia started 3rd grade, and Anya and Bree started 1st on August 26th.

This monkey finally started preschool the week after that on Sept 3.  We're doing JoySchool with five other ladies in the ward on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We've really been looking forward to getting him out of the house and into a big group of buddies- it is already working wonders after just two weeks.  The days he goes, he is on cloud nine, he doesn't scream or hit anyone, uses the potty consistently, and is his usual, snuggly self.  We've missed this boy since the baby was born. 
 He really got the short end of the stick when I was dealing with homeschooling two Kindergarteners and a second grader and nursing an infant every three hours.  Aside from our little nighttime ritual, whatever attention he got he really had to fight for, I'm afraid.  Things are definitely looking up.

Zach scheduled his second vacation of the year to coincide with our anniversary, since they wouldn't give him Christmas or Thanksgiving. :b   After watching the unpredictable weather for days we decided spontaneously on the 4th to go camping, which made Kael miss his second day of preschool the next morning.  

Enlarged: Kaelicus weirdicus.

Declan's first camping trip
 Then that next afternoon we used our saved-up Labor Day vacation time from school and decided to go to the lake!  We spend about 20 minutes scrambling for swimming supplies and made the 45 minute drive.  It turned out really fun.

First time at the beach!
He sat splashing in his tube- happy as a clam the whole time.

Friday the 6th was the 11th wedding anniversary of Zach and I.   He surprised me with tickets to "O" at the Bellagio.  

And Thursday the 12th was the girls' first day of soccer.  

This pic made me laugh.  This was their reaction to me saying "Love each other!"  Ha- my corny kids.
Last but not least, Mia's birthday party was yesterday.  A few weeks ago I asked her what kind of party she wanted.  First she gave the standard answer "Chuck-E-Cheese."  I've tried to indulge their reasonable birthday fantasies, but Chuck-E has been done to death at our house and I'm sick of him.  So the next thing she said was "A snake party!!!"  I almost put Chuck-E's back on the table.But I'm glad I didn't.  I gave a Facebook shout-out to all my Vegas friends to see if there was anyone who knew anyone with snakes, and some friends from Zach's residency came through.  This gal is in their ward, and is a total snake lover.  She came with her husband and two girls, and was just so fun to have.  She was very informative, helpful, friendly, professional, and my favorite- affordable. ;D  They spent over a half an hour letting the kids play with snakes and ask questions.  I only full-body shivered three times.  The second was when they pulled this sucker out:

But it was worth it to get this girl smiling so big. Thanks to grandmas for contributing to the party expenses!