Sunday, March 25


I think I'm more into appreciating cute decorating than actually doing it. When we were looking at the other house on Harvest Dance, there was going to be a lot of painting involved whether we wanted to or not. So because it was also practical, I was very enthused about decorating. But it's been kind of slow going in this house that was basically perfect when we bought it.

Since December, I've had pictures up of the kids on Santa's lap. I finally got around to replacing them with my first idea. Drawings! I haven't really done any drawing since Mia was a baby. I want to get back into it. In about 7 years, when I've got a little more time and resources I want to branch out into color. For now pencils are really easy to come by, so I'm sticking with them. :)

I was kind of in a hurry, so I got lazy on everything but the faces. I mean really-the only fun part is the face, right? And I took liberties with the hair and clothes- Mia was having an especially bad hair day when I photographed her for this- ha.