Tuesday, October 23


Today is the twins’ unbirthday. Up til now, they’ve seemed to avoid looking directly at each other, but they really connected for the first time today. I had Anya sitting in my boppies and was holding Bree sitting facing her. Anya had a little rattle and dropped it and Bree just busted up laughing. She thought Anya was entertaining her like Mia has been doing lately. Anya just looked at her blankly while she kept bubbling over with little baby chuckles. Finally Anya thought Bree was pretty funny and she started to smile and coo at her. They like to play with each other’s hands now, too. It’s way sweet. They try to eat the other’s fingers, and neither one minds.

I was trying to quietly clean up during the babies' nap and I accidentally dropped a dish and made a ton of noise. I said “Dangit,” and Mia comes into the kitchen and says “What’s a mattew mommy? What’s a mattew?” I tried not to laugh and explained in as serious a tone as I could muster, “I made a big noise, and I’m trying to keep quiet so the babies don’t wake up.” She pauses and says “Maybe try again next time.”

She is always answering with “Maybe” lately: Do you want milk or juice? Maybe…milk. Want to clean up? Maybe… yes! So funny. She also says, after she’s done something cool, “Good Job! So proud of you!” He he. She’s starting to say please, too. No more trips to the toddler potty, though. I keep asking and she flat out says no. She doesn’t want a treat, she doesn’t want to be like Elmo or Mommy or Daddy. She even warns me right before she poops, and I go through all of that before she goes in her diaper two minutes later. So I know it’s not a matter of not being able to. I guess I screwed up, trying to teach her too soon. But I seriously don't know what I should have done- she was taking off her diapers with poop in them and running around bare-bottomed! She went by herself twice! I totally didn’t think I was forcing her. I think she just got embarrassed that she wet on the floor and doesn’t want it to happen again.

Tuesday, October 16

New and Improved: Hands-free Offspring

This morning all the girls fed themselves! Mia ate a bowl of Mini Wheats, and the girls held their bottles for the whole feeding! I just supervised a little. And last night I slept from 11 to 6:30, when Zach woke up, and then slept til 7:45 when Mia and Bree woke up. Pretty cool!