Tuesday, December 28

Better get in our monthly post

I wanted to wait until either he was six months old or sitting up on his own, but Zach's worried his son is a lightweight and the pediatrician gave the green light, so Kael got something new for Christmas dinner.

He's actually loving it now, and Zach gets a kick out of helping to feed the baby finally.
We bought some of those new gingerbread graham crackers. They taste... like gingerbread graham crackers. Don't try and make s'mores with them, that's all I've got to say.

Mia wrote her name on hers with icing squeezed from a corner-cut Ziploc. I was pretty impressed.

We finally made use of our snow clothes last week, and went sledding with our friends.

We really need to get a sled.

Or not...