Saturday, October 31

Treated and Tricked

Monday we called our landlord and told him our fridge was dying again.

Thursday he called to say that we would be delivered a new fridge on Saturday, because he wanted "to take care of you guys."

We didn't hear that Columbus celebrates Halloween on Thursdays when the 31st falls on the weekend, until Thursday around 6. Zach was knee-deep in homework, so we didn't go. We figured we could just go to the Trunk-or-Treat at the ward party the next day, and that would have to do.

The next night the girls didn't quite understand what they were supposed to do- so we worked on saying Trick-or-Treat, thank you, and polishing their bag-holding technique. After about fifteen minutes they were done, and on the way home Mia said from the backseat, "that wasn't very fun." Anyone from the ward reading this- don't worry, the activity was very fun. We just talked up the Trunk-or-Treat way too much.

The next day we waited for our fridge to be delivered. While we waited I read a comment on my Facebook page- Westerville still believes in Halloween on Saturday! We can go Trick-or-Treating after all!

At 2:30 the appliance truck rolled up. We joked about how it would be a used fridge that was smaller. They rolled it in. Looooove at first sight. Huge, shiny and white with an ice dispenser in the door. A DIGITAL ice dispenser! On a side-by-side vertical door! My favorite! Zach and I joked- "wow, he really is trying to take care of us." We were planning on dropping off our rent check while we were across town for our friends' party. I wrote a thank you note that started with "John! Are you kidding me?! This is the best refrigerator we've ever seen!" All our food fit with plenty of room to spare! Zach went to Lowe's to get the parts to hook up the water hose, while I played with the digital controls in awe, thinking maybe the kids would start drinking more water now!

While we were at the party John the landlord called. The company delivered us the wrong fridge. Ours was supposed to be tan. Hmmm.

After the party our cell phone battery died. Hope John didn't mean tonight when he said he'd call us when he found out what he was going to do. We went to dinner.

And then we went Trick-or-Treating! We drove to a well-lit neighborhood, popped on their costumes and headed out. Mia led the way, said Twick-O-Tweet, and the twins followed giggling. By the end, they were saying "Ticka Tee!" and other variations of the beggar call. Anya polished her "Tank you!"
I was herding the twins when Mia ran up and said "Mom- that's my job! C'mon baby cows!" They were happy as clams until time ran out. On the way home Mia piped up from the back again. "That was really fun!!" We set out to have an enjoyable time with the kids, and they actually enjoyed it! And we did, too! Amazing.

When we pulled up we realized we had definitely missed a call. John was loading Shiny White onto his trailer.

Tan fridge with a top freezer was sitting in it's place.

We sad-faced, and Zach promised me someday we'll have a digital ice dispenser. Instead of a trick fridge.

Meanwhile though, we have cold food again.

And I was happy with our treat:

Thursday, October 22

The BEST Halloween activity!

We had a BLAST this morning! DeMonye's Greenhouse is providing fun-packed time for kids.

We started out by going through a "Haunted" house. It was a little on the scary side for Mia- she wouldn't go through at first, and when she finally did, she had to plug her ears to get to the end. But the twins were young enough not to know what some of the scary stuff was, and enjoyed petting the spiders and blow-up toys.

It takes about ten minutes to go through- just packed with Halloween stuff. There are some pretty scary masks and characters, but nothing startling and not full of gore.

At the end of the haunted house, there is a pumpkin patch where they each got to choose a pumpkin.

Next it was time to make a witch hand out of popcorn and candy corns

They got juice boxes, popcorn bags, and treat bags with little toys and bags of candy and an activity sheet...

Then they chose a gourd and some Indian corn

And planted some flowers!

And THEN it was game time!

Bean bag toss

Kid basketball

Umm- the Toss the ping pong ball into the eyeball man and knock him over on purpose and get put in time out game...

Digging for bones

You don't even have to dress warmly- it's about 75 degrees in there!

The staff there is SO friendly- we couldn't have had more fun. They let us stay as long as we liked and go through the maze as many times as we wanted. I guess they didn't have any appointments after us- we were there for two hours.

DeMonye's Greenhouse!! It's on 2500 Airport Drive in Columbus- right off the freeway by Gahanna. The activity is by appointment only, but it's easy to get one- (614) 252-6046. $5 per kid and they will be open until Halloween! I had no idea it was going to be such an involved, well-planned, kid-friendly activity- so glad we found out about it. :)

Saturday, October 17


We went to pick our Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins from a farm today for the first time. I figured now that we have three kids who can say "punkin," this is the year to start. What was really funny- the lady at the front desk also called them "punkins."
We were the only ones in the field, and it was right off the road. Pretty convenient. And cold! Bree kept getting caught in vines on the ground, but somehow Anya and Mia were navigating the field just fine. We're pretty excited to carve these things. Mmm- okay- Mia's excited.

Poor Bree didn't get a hair clip this morning and looks like Wednesday's child.

Anya actually was more excited about the rocks- surprise, surprise.

Sunday, October 11


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