Friday, June 29


I've been seeing a trend the last few months. My best laid plans are going awry! I'm hoping life doesn't have foreshadowing like novels do, because if I'm supposed to be getting more accustomed to things going differently than I hope- I'll probably end up having a C-section in November or a girl or something.

I tried for months to come up with a cute way to tell Zach about the baby. I've always just showed him the stick, but when I took a test that said negative and found out it was faulty, I thought maybe I'd try something new, since he already thought I wasn't pregnant. A week before I got everything I needed to tell him, he became acutely aware of my "schedule," and guessed. Aw, snap.

We found out our friends from Ohio were going to be in Utah, so we went up to meet them. I thought it was such great timing- we would get to share the baby news with our families in person, escape the first desert heat wave, pick up a huge bin of books for Mia from a friend in Orem to satisfy her lately insatiable reading frenzy.

The week before we went I felt terrible. But Zach had to teach Sunday School and Anya needed to give a talk in Sharing Time, and Kael needs someone to ease him into Nursery, so I got all ready for church anyway. On our way out the door, I acted on a hunch and told Zach to grab me a Ziploc. Sure enough. I got sick in the church parking lot and turned around and headed home. Grrr.

The day before we left, we did a video call with Grandmas. Mia spilled the baby beans, so telling everyone in person went down the drain. Aw, dangit.

All week we had wondered if I had been flu-sick or what. I was already in my second trimester, and hadn't gotten any morning sickness yet, so I wasn't sure. I had been pretty rough on my stomach the night before I fell ill, so when no one got sick, we chalked it up to morning sickness and headed up.
Everyone was just fine until the one day we were supposed to meet up with our friends. Mia and Bree woke up feeling bad and wouldn't eat breakfast. Mim tried to suck it up and have fun when she finally got to see her buddy after a year of wishing she could play with her. We tried to prolong the visit after we attended sacrament meeting together, (of course all the girls fell asleep on the bench and for the first time, I had to leave the chapel with Kael because of his behavior,) but Mia couldn't get out of her chair and then Bree threw up and decidedly ended the visit. Come ON!

I'm actually quite used to disappointments, so this recent trend didn't really even catch my attention until Wednesday, when the activity I'd planned for the combined young men and young women turned out to only take up a quarter the time I'd planned it would, and we all ended up chatting and eating popsicles and then looking at our watches waiting for parents to arrive at the usual pick-up time. The thought went through my head- "I can't plan a dang thing right!"

So of course my failed dinner the next night seemed like an even bigger failure, my plan to keep the kitchen clean after Zach did a lot of work on it was another fail.

  I decided I would do ONE thing I'd been planning- hang the consequences.

Write a blog post before June was over.

Ta-DAAAA! I rock.

Mia trying not to infect her best friend... oh yeah- another fail... ;D
The twins with Grandma Venice

Kael and cousin Wyatt

Hangin' out with Grandpa

We were there for cousin Miles' birthday!