Thursday, March 24

Gummy Boy Banana Saga

I swear I saw some teeth bumps the other day. I got all excited and took some "before" shots for his baby book. And then I downloaded them and zoomed in. Nothing. I see no bumps. Zach thought he saw them, too. Do you?

Nyah nyah- had us fooled. Little stinker with no teeth.
Not that I'm complaining.
We still love him.


Once there was a baby who tried to feed himself for the first time.

He was stoked.

Until he realized...

his fine motor skills were severely underdeveloped.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Woe is me. Those things sure look yummy."

The End

Thursday, March 17

Our Lucky Day

Last night we set a trap to catch a leprechaun. It was just tall enough so that he couldn't climb out. We put in gold and chocolate to make him go in there. It turned out that the chocolate wasn't such good idea, since his hands got sticky enough to help him climb right out.
He left a note, and his teeny handprint is on there! He left the wrappers on the floor with chocolate on them. He gave us kites. Mine is a butterfly, Anya's is Tinkerbell, and Bree's is a dragon. (They chose these when they were on sale for Christmas at Costco. Zach was worried we'd come downstairs and find them fighting over which kite was whose, but so far they've never had a problem with that. So far... ;D)

Green shamrock pancakes! (They decided not to put on the green mint jelly I bought especially for them. Wonder why...)

Grandma sent a fun St. Patty's Day packages with lots of green and lots of sugar!!

The girls with their kites and the little leprechaun on the floor.

Match day was also today! We got there at 11 this morning and found out our new city at noon. We got our first choice, and we're thrilled!! We had Utah ranked first for a while, but realized our housing would be pretty bad since you have to live fifteen minutes from the U, and the program there isn't really a good fit. Ever since the interview, neither of us felt good about it, but we went ahead and ranked it second because being close to family has been such a priority. We don't think six hours is too bad, though. :)

Tuesday, March 15

Coming out of the closet...literally

So I have a confession to make.

We've been using our closet as a nursery for the last 8 months.

He can get his arms out of his swaddler, and sitting up is right around the corner, so last night, for the 8th anniversary of Kael's birthday, we decided it was time to get him out of his bassinett.

The reason we were using our closet?
We were trying to avoid this:

We were planning on putting him in with the girls, but he wakes up sometimes at 5am, which is just late enough to wake them up, too. He just eats for a few minutes and goes back to sleep, but at that hour- there's no way they would go back to sleep. So our toyroom is now the nursery/toyroom until we can get this kid to sleep longer.