Wednesday, January 23

Yes, artichokes

Mia had artichokes for the first time this week. She loved it! It took a little coaxing to get her to bite a green leaf, but I dipped it in mayo/mustard (that she was trying to eat spoonfuls of plain!) and she scarfed down more than half an artichoke’s leaves herself. She was even saying “I like artichokes, mommy!” And giggling at her teeth marks, “I see my teef!”

Saturday, January 12

Three to two: Adventures in Diaperland

The whole week before we went to Sandy, I had Mia running around the house with no bottoms on, because that was the only way she would use her toddler potty. The two times I let her wear underwear, she just wet through it. So buff she went. We put her back in diapers in Sandy. I wasn’t even worried she’d “regress” until my mom brought it up. I just kind of brushed it off, but the thought kind of lingered when we got home and I didn’t put a diaper on her again.

We left for the ice-skating rink at 4:40. Around 5:45, the Bevans had arrived. She was running around playing with Abby when she clamped her legs together and exclaimed “I gotta go peee!” I told her to just go in her diaper, (we hadn't left the house without one at this point) and she said “Noooo!” I had no clue where the bathroom was, and I wasn’t about to try to navigate it while we were both in ice-skates. I figured she’d just relieve herself when the urge came again. It came again while we were on the far end of the rink. By the time we got back to the entrance I asked if she had to go, and she said no. So we get home, I’m talking to Zach about what happened, how she skated, while she, unnoticed, is madly taking off boots, pants, tights, and diaper and racing to the toilet. I picked up the diaper. Dry as a bone. She went for two days in her toddler potty, used her Princess toilet topper for two days, and then started just sitting on the throne. Has ever since. Holy cow- she potty trained herself.