Saturday, April 23

Two Little Four-year-olds

These girls. I just can't believe they've been in my life for four years now.

Their infanthood is kind of a big blank. Their toddler years are kind of a blur. Their preschool years have been overshadowed by Kael's infancy. Honestly, and we hate to admit it, but it is only recently that Zach and I have felt we are really getting to know them. Mia got ALL our attention, and Kael gets EVERYONE's attention. These two not are not only suffering from the deficient "middle child" attention, but in a lot of ways it has been divided by two.

They have shared absolutely everything from the day they ended up in my belly. I used to feed them with the same spoon from the same babyfood jars (they've also shared many colds...) They've shared the bathtub with two sisters their entire lives. They share the bottom bunk of the bunk bed. If we go to McDonalds, they get one water for both of them, and split their chicken nuggets. Birthday parties, presents, cards. This post. Everything. And they have never minded, because it's all they've known.

Every morning for the last six or so months, I've been spending about one hour doing reading lessons with Anya and Bree seperately. It has been the most one-on-one time I've ever had with them, and I'm so glad we did it. Just like my experience with Mia, there were some really rough times when neither of us really wanted to spend the effort that day, and we really had to struggle to keep it up. And there were times (sometimes on the same day as the rough spots,) when they were so proud of themselves and we got some good laughs in. My sweet giggly Bree and my earnest, hard-working Anya. I didn't realize I had no idea who these little girls were until we did this together- just me and Anya, just me and Bree.

Slowly, but surely, they are growing into little individuals, just like any other sisters. I'm trying to enjoy this time while sharing so much is okay... I feel they're on the verge of a change. I know there will come a time when they will start wanting different things, wanting their own different ways, and I'll have a little more to keep track of. ;) 4 years old. I will appreciate their "four-ness" more than any other age, I think.

I love them. As much as they love each other. :)