Thursday, June 26

The Feedjit

Does this bug anybody? I put it in because I thought it was fun to see all the different countries that visited, but now it feels like it's just spying on people who visit my blog.
I see "Columbus, Ohio is visiting" when I check out someone's blog, and I know its obvious I'm the one there. I wonder- does this person think I'm creepy for reading their blog two times today? And do they think I'm nosy for visiting the link to their mom's blog? Am I creepy and nosy?
Blogs weird me out. People post things on purpose. And to me, that is like an indirect communication, which either conveys "I want people to look at this," or "I don't mind if other people see this." So why do I sometimes feel like I walked into someone's house without knocking first?
And my real question today. Does the FeedJit make you feel like you walked into my house and I hid at the top of the stairs watching which rooms you went into? Does it make you feel creepy and nosy? Are you creepy and nosy?


Magirk said...

Well, that 'somebody' from Salt Lake City who stopped in at 2:19 pm (Mountain time) is me, just so you know. :-)

It doesn't necessarily make me feel creepy and nosy that you're watching me watching your blog. Now, if that little Feedjit thingey can tell when I'm going to the bathroom or see me picking my nose or some other embarrassing thing like that... That would be a different story!! (haha)

I figure, if someone has a blog that's public, they must want someone to see it. And if someone sees it whom they don't want to see it, they would probably then make it private. So I assume they don't mind people reading. Which is why I'm taking one of my blogs private (any day now....), for various reasons.

Yada yada yada. I try not to be creepy and nosy. Doesn't always work though.

Marsie Pants said...

YES! I always hesitate before I visit your blog because I know that you'll know that I was there. And then I think, "I wonder if she thinks I really have nothing to do with my time because I already went to this blog today." But then I remember you know that I have nothing to do with my time because I already told you that. Still. It makes me feel like a loser. Even though you're way cool enough for anyone to visit your blog 18 times a day without you having to wonder why people keep spying on you.

Cherry Tree said...

Apparently I live in Bountiful! Thats okay by me.

Breezi said...

I AM nosy and Creepy. I think that's called a 2 for 1 deal!