Tuesday, June 10

I neglected to mention

Okay, so maybe I left out the coolest thing about living in Ohio. But only because, mentioning it would have put a huge hole in my whining, and I had just had a really bad "Ohio" experience. Feelings before common sense, I always say...

The other reason I didn't mention it is because it's only temporary.

BUT! For at least a month or so, we have the coolest neighbor situated just across the street. Before we moved here in March, Mia spent her outside time chasing strangers on the way to their cars out in the parking lot shouting "Hi, fwend! Hi fwend!!" There was absolutely nowhere to play, and our back yard consisted of about a five by seven foot square of concrete leading to poop-covered grass and a ravine with tall weeds and a little creek.

Now, we have Miss Monica, her daycare kids and two poop-free front yards to play in! (The house next to hers is basically condemned because of flooding. So we kind of spread out onto that yard, too.)

She has an amazing way of getting a zillion kids to follow instructions.

We're so lucky she's here! Sadly, as evidenced by the realtor sign in her front yard, it's not gonna last. We'll miss Miss Monica. And even though her seven-foot dog wakes us up every morning that the kids don't, we're praying that her house won't sell until summer is over. Uh- don't tell her that.


Cherry Tree said...

How fun!! I love happy people!

Marsie Pants said...

You should come have our neighbors. Our neighbors across the street are so nice and have a boy Abby's age. And they have the awesomest backyard. They're always out there so we pop by occasionally so play.