Friday, June 27

Uh- I have no idea what to call this one.

We had a very eventful day and night.

It was family night at the zoo- half price for Franklin County residents. So Zach came home a little early from work (yes, honey I know you have to make up the hours later, and I am grateful) and we headed up to Powell to see the pumas and jaguars. (Yes, Mimi, I know you watch too much Diego, and I am sorry.)

On our way out the door we got a good look at the helicopter that had been hovering just overhead for the last half hour. As we turned out of our neighborhood, we could see a cop up the street directing traffic and waving at the helicopter.

A minute later, everyone ahead of us pulled over when a cop blipped his siren behind us. Once we pulled over, he did too, and everyone in front of us left. "What did we do?" "We weren't speeding. I dunno..." The officer walked up to the car, took a look inside the van full-o-babies and apologized for the inconvenience. He explained (and we saw on the news the next morning) that someone escaped, was hiding in our neighborhood, and was supposed to be driving a van just like ours. On the news it said the guy was hiding with his mom, who got arrested for the obstruction of justice. The actual escapee is still on the loose. We were kind of wondering what would happen on our way back in... ;-)

We had a great time at the zoo. $13.50 for all of us! The babies maintained their easy-going demeanors, as hoped. Mia actually enjoyed running from place to place. (Next time we won't bring the triple stroller for such a short visit- the thing doesn't turn!)

We put everyone down an hour later than usual, and went to bed. At 11:45 or so, I woke up to the tornado warning alarm. I woke Zach up ten minutes later, and after listening to the radio for a few minutes, "the end of the woooorld- take cover!!!" we woke the kids up and squished ourselves onto the 3x5-foot downstairs bathroom floorspace, and the toilet. The already exhausted babies were not happy. But all three kids kept their cool for the most part. I was proud of them. Our bathroom door is directly opposite the TV, so we watched the news and could see exactly when the storm hit our house. Which was exactly when the satellite signal was lost, and we were left watching crazy lightning. I got scared enough to cry a bit, but luckily it was dark, and Mia and Zach couldn't tell. (Isn't "Mom" supposed to keep it together during tornado warnings?) The signal came back before we got too bored (and scared,) so we had something to watch while we waited to go back to bed. Around 12:45 we went back upstairs. Around 1 the thunder died down a bit, and Mia let me get out of her bed to go back to mine.


Magirk said...

Sheesh, girl!!

I'm here inundating your email with goofy questions about digital scrapbook junk, and you're in the bathroom dying in a tornado!

I am sooooo sorry to be so insensitive. :-S

Hope you're all okay, and were able to have some rest after such an eventful night. Yikes!

Marsie Pants said...

The sirens woke you up? We're not so lucky. We were already awake and I know that we've slept through them before. We have this weather radio that's supposed to turn on when there's any kind of severe weather, but it doesn't. I thought that the storm was a perfect time to fix it, but we couldn't. Hmmm...maybe next time! Adam even scoffed me when I decided to wake Abby and go into the bathroom. He's so rude.

Cherry Tree said...

Uhhh Yikes! This is why I live near very large protective mountains! Are tornadoes common there? And when are you coming home?

Its okay to cry a bit. I'd be screaming and yelling! Was there any damage to your place?

I don't mean to freak out (I'm sure your neighbors would laugh at my fit), but really! Wow!

Is it flooding near you too?

The Garber Family said...

hey guys!
Wow, and I thought my week was eventful. But nothing compares...
So glad you are safe and that all is okay now.
I love your zoo pictures. I start to give up at the zoo with photography because I feel like all I get is crappy pics of animals sleeping. But we went to the zoo, today, too! Mia's hair is getting so long and the babies look great!