Tuesday, June 23

New pics

It's so fun to see babies on their really truly birthday!

Wednesday, June 17

Obama's FLY SWAT

Next, the color of Obama's boogers. THE exclusive Kleenex close-up tonight at 9...

Nevermind the REAL story about what he did today. Smokescreen news- how annoying.

Tuesday, June 2

Oh, Sheet.

One of my favorite things, especially now that I'm old and decrepit, (no, you can't convince me otherwise for at least another month when the shock wears off) is snuggling into our soft soft bed. When I was about six months pregnant with the twins and cursing a damaged back, my mom took pity on me and got us a Tempurpedic. Since then, I haven't had one day of being unable to walk because of back pain- I don't think that's a coincidence. Another thing she gave us was an old set of the softest sheets I've ever felt. Every time I put them through the wash I crossed my fingers that they'd make it through okay, but ultimately it wasn't the wash that took them down.

Our feet finally wore holes through the fitted bottom sheet, and when they got so gigantic I started getting stuck, (the holes- not our feet- although we do have some pretty huge feet) I decided we had to give it up. It became mummy wrappings for our Egypt theme in preschool. I've been on the lookout for a replacement set ever since. For at least two months now, I've been in the linen section of every supermarket of Columbus, but just haven't been able to bring myself to spend $40 on a 250 threadcount set of sheets.

Providence smiled and dropped a sheet vendor about three minutes from our house. They set up their tent and signs "Egyptian Cotton 1000 thread count sheets $38.00"

Now I have to admit- I have no way of verifying that these sheets I just bought are really Egyptian cotton or even if they're even 1000 thread count. They aren't as soft as the sheet I just turned into a mummy. But they are much softer and 10 times prettier than the sets I was seeing at the store for the same price, so I'm happy.