Sunday, May 27

Good times

They just grew out of their preemie outfits this week! Bree’s legs are getting so plump! Anya is getting long and heavy. They are completely different girls. Just like Mark and Eric- two totally different kids that just happened to be born at the same time. Bree looks a lot like Mia. Anya looks like Kiley! When they are about 4 and 5, people are going to have a hard time figuring out which ones are twins. They are so cute. Especially when they are wide awake and looking around. Bree has kissable cheeks, and Anya has kissable lips, and Mia is just learning how to do Eskimo and butterfly kisses so between the three of them, my kisses are pretty busy!

Yesterday, Zach had rag that Mia wanted, and she said “I need dat!” in a loud, commanding toddler voice. We just looked at each other with our mouths open and started laughing. I guess that must be something we say a lot! She said it a few times until he gave it to her. Today I took her to the store with me and she asked me to pick her up on the way down the stairs, “Pit you up?” with her arms raised. And then, in the store, she kept pointing to the floor, repeating “Wat? Wat?” She wanted to walk. Oh- she’s irresistible.

Thursday, May 24


The events of my b-day. I went to consult with a surgeon about my gallbladder (and missed my morning nap) so he could tell me that I may or may not have another attack, and if I do, it could be any time, so I may or may not want to have it taken out. So helpful!
Zach played some songs on the guitar for my present. I was holding the twins and Mia was sitting next to me, and he changed the lyrics to “And it’s me and you and three little people,” so of course I cried. And I laughed because it was supposed to be romantic, and I was sitting there in my post-nursing garb, wiping up spit up from Bree’s mouth while Anya kept letting these sulfuric farts on me, and Mia was “singing” along, trying to get my attention.

Sunday, May 20


Yesterday we went to Chuck-a-Rama for all the May birthdays/Mother's Day. My Aunt LuJean put the most incredible gift together. It was so fun to open! She actually designed a logo that says “Get used to pink” above a caricature of Mia holding Anya and Bree with their names below. She hauled out this huge bag full of three little personalized coordinating outfits for each of the girls (nine outfits total), a diaper bag, and an apron- all bearing the logo. Zach got a pink T-shirt with the logo on the back (wrapped in a pink gift bag.) She also gave me the CUTEST pink leather purse that I have secretly coveted, but never imagined I could have. It is big enough to double as a diaper bag, and has three little pockets for pictures on the side! I felt so special as I pulled out each little thing and realized how much thought she had put into it. She always puts her own flair on things- I want to do gifts just like her for my kids.

Sunday, May 13

Deja Vu

This Mother’s Day was kind of interesting. The night before, Zach's parents were both over so we could both get more sleep. I woke Zach up at 11 with incredible pain in my ribs. I’ve never had so much trouble breathing before. Luckily, with both his parents there, we were free to leave for the E.R. It was about an hour before I had an I.V. in me and the pain meds turned the sharp ache, surrounding and gripping my whole ribcage, into a dull throb. We went home and the rest is a blur. Apparently, its textbook gallbladder, and I have to go back to the hospital for an ultrasound tomorrow or Tuesday. And I can’t have any fattening or greasy foods.

Monday, May 7

Little Zoo, Expensive Flu

Coralee came over and watched Mia while I took Zach to the emergency room between feedings. That was around 6. I left him there to come home, put Mia down and for the next feeding. I put her down and started to change Anya’s diaper, when Mia woke to a knock on the front door and started crying for me. It was our downstairs neighbors bearing homemade bread. She settled down just in time for my visiting teacher to wake her up with another knock. I had called her to see if she could help with the next feeding, and when she didn’t answer or call back, I came home. But, there she was. So I gave her Anya and went in to put Mia down for the third time just as Kerry and Tyson knocked. Zach had called them to come give him a blessing.

So there was a little zoo at our house. Finally, around 9:30 everyone cleared out, and Mia went down without crying.

I had a 30 minute nap window, but Zach called to give me an update on how they are running more tests, even though he feels better and he is now uninsured. So here I am waiting for the next feeding in three minutes.

It’s 1 in the morning. Zach went back to his parent’s house to sleep. They think he just has the flu.

Friday, May 4


Cleaning and Scrubbing

Can wait till tomorrow

For babies grow up

We learn to our sorrow.

Settle down cobwebs,

Dust go to sleep

I'm rocking my baby

'Cause babies don't keep.

Thursday, May 3

Too pooped to... what was I saying?

They are a week and a half old! But more importantly, I've lost 30 pounds! ha ha.

Mia has been pretty emotional. This morning she started bawling when she came and saw me sleeping. She actually wanted to snuggle. The day after we brought Anya and Bree home, she cried when Coralee left, and for the first time in months I was physically able to squat down to her level and hug her as long as she wanted. She calmed down immediately and just let me hold her for a few moments. The whole time I was thinking; “How long has she needed this?” and it brought me to tears. Other than that, I haven't cried since we got home last Wednesday. Amazing, really. I was a huge wreck last time.

I am starting to get really wiped out, however, from waking up every two and a half hours. They are too tired to breastfeed, so I’ve been pumping. Somehow, between getting bottles ready, trying to get enough food down them, changing diapers (Anya has been two per feeding quite often) and pumping, I can only get an hour of sleep per stretch. It is exhausting. I have tried napping during the day, but I can’t get to sleep fast enough, so I always end up just lying there for an hour. I wonder when it is safe to go to a three hour schedule at night.