Monday, October 15

Too soon to count down?

I've finally caved and started using the stupid/blessed electric gimp carts at the grocery store. It makes the difference between being able to put the groceries away afterward or the girls having to do it. 

We stopped having the housekeeper come for a while.  Then I had to stop taking Ibuprofin, so we started having her come for an hour every week.  I think we're going to up it a bit for the next little while.  It's amazing how helpful it is- I wish I'd figured this out with Kael.  Yeah- it's a financial trade-off, but life will be back to normal soon enough.

About five weeks to go.  I'm thinking it might be sooner... I'm contracting like crazy every two hours, sometimes every hour.  We're kind of worried again about getting to the hospital in time.  Even when I got induced with Kael (for the same reason- we were afraid of fast labor) all they did was break my water, and bam- three hours later there he was.  That was including the hour they stopped my contractions with some drug because his heart rate was going down. 

My body loves getting these kids out.  It's a huge blessing, but it's kind of freaky to plan around.  We'll see how fast I dilate this time- I'm betting I can predict pretty well.  I've been a 3 four weeks out, and a 4 and 5 two weeks out for the last three pregnancies.  The Jeopardy theme is the soundtrack to my life now.  Waiting, waiting, counting down.