Tuesday, January 26

Expensive Taste

My mom bought us some really yummy meat from Omaha Steaks. We cooked up our Top Sirloins, and Mia decided she wanted to try some of mine. I cut really thin strips against the grain and let her dip it in Teryaki A1. She decided she really liked it.

We had our well check-ups the last few days. The office we go to won't let us bring all three on the same day, so the twins were Friday and Mia was on Monday. The first thing they did was prick Bree's finger and collect her blood drops in vials. To keep the wound from clotting, the nurse rubbed her finger- hard. Bree was in a ton of pain, and I knew it wasn't just from the prick on her finger. The nurse actually rubbed the skin right off her knuckle. Duh! I'm sorry- but squeeze her freaking arm, rub further up her hand... it isn't like her heart is located in her knuckle. And since that was the very first thing they chose to do, both Bree and Anya were terrified the rest of the time, and needed a ton of coaxing (Mia had to demonstrate half the procedures for them before they would cooperate) even to stand on the scale. I think the second most annoying part about all of it is that the blood "draw" was totally pointless. They are going to test it to make sure they are as healthy as they look, not tell us the results, and nothing is any different except now Bree has a huge black scab on her knuckle and is terrified of the doctor. Anya keeps looking at her sister's finger and saying "Dockuh huht huh!" Which is Anya-ese for "Doctor hurt her!" The most annoying part is that I should have spoken up. Nurse or not- she doesn't care about my kid as much as I do, and I should have remembered that.

Monday we went back for Mia, the twins extremely reluctant to let go of my legs. Somehow the conversation I'd had with the nurse last time left me with the impression that Mia wouldn't be getting any shots. Wrong. I guess it was kind of merciful, because the five minutes she spent crying over the impending doom was probably much less torturous than an entire weekend would have been.

I felt so guilty, though, for having mislead her, I asked her what she would like for a special treat.

"Can I have more of that meat?"

I told her I'd get some at the store tomorrow just for her.

"Tomorrow" turned out to be a lot more hectic than I'd planned, and my back went out (again.) I figured there was no way she would remember. Wrong again. When she learned that I hadn't bought steak for dinner, enough tears were shed that I called Zach to see if he would pick some up on the way home.

So here I am typing instead of cooking. We'll be eating late. Us and the four-year-old steak-eater.

Friday, January 15

Time to think

The last couple of days I have been all caught up with my photography. Only one sitting on the books. No albums to work on, nothing to retouch. In other words- nothing nagging at the back of my mind when I'm putting the kids down... "hurry, hurry, you only have a few hours!"

Even when it was just Mia, I was doing albums and there was that nagging. I quit those when the twins were born, and then nursing and sleeping took over the nagging. There wasn't time to rock my babies to sleep at night.

And then, suddenly, there was no need. Don't get me wrong- I've always appreciated how well they've gone down without needing to be rocked. I guess that was really lucky.

But since their sleeping arrangements got all rearranged, they've needed some help getting down. At first, I had work to do and couldn't take the time they needed. Zach had to sit in their room and study, while we shushed them (sometimes in not so friendly tones)for a good hour while they whined and giggled and needed this or that.

I finished my work a few nights ago, and the last couple of nights have just stayed in their room. I've been rocking Mia to sleep, putting her in her bed, and then held Anya one night and Bree tonight. It's so blissful! Having nothing to worry about while I hold my babies. It's making me wonder about starting up photography again.

I'd feel... odd... refusing work when we literally have zero income. Being a Mormon family of five in med school is weird. Living off student loans is really weird. I guess six won't make it any more normal. That's all I have to say.

Thursday, January 7

Little minds at work


Mom trying to decide which farm to pick pumpkins at: "Hmm- that farm is an hour away- we're not going there." Mia pipes up, "How 'bout we take two cars to get there faster?"

"Hey mom- my shirt is giving me a hot body!"

"Please bless the food, and please bless my mom to have a baby. I want a baby brother or a baby sister."


Anya comes to check out Bree's progress on the toilet. "How doin?" Bree replies, "Is big poop." Anya takes a peek, "Ooh- pretty!"


The Christmas elf delivers the gifts from grandma's house to ours each morning, as long as you're on good behavior the day before. One morning, he left a present for mom and dad. "Mom- you got a present! That's because you didn't yell at me yesterday!" "Gee- that's uh... great..."

Anya asks to be carried down the stairs. "I can't sweetie, my back is hurting right now." Puzzled look from the two-year-old. "It's um... broken today." She races down the stairs chanting something like "teep! teep!" We reach the computer desk and I see what she's referring to. "Tape? You want tape?" That's what she wants. I give her a peice and she puts it on my back. "Deh- fix it. Ah bedduh? Fee bedduh now?"

Sunday, January 3

Come to Order

I can honestly say we made the most of Zach's school break. Usually we get home from Utah and wish we had a whole other vacation to spend with just each other. This year we got just enough time together as a family, just enough time together as a couple. We were all sick a lot, too- and very grateful we didn't have to pack our coughing, runny-nosed, and runny-diapered kids anywhere. Is there anyone out there whose family didn't all get sick over the holidays? I don't know if it's just Facebook awareness, or if I've really been hearing about more sickness.

We made the most of our last vacation days by consolidating our kids.

They're all sleeping (very figurative term at this particular moment) in what used to be the twins' room. We moved Mia's bunk bed where Anya's crib used to be, and stuffed her dresser in there, too.

Then, we did what we've been dreaming of doing since we moved to our little house two years ago.

We moved all of the toys that have been camping out in our family/living/computer/exercise/dining/play room and put them in Mia's old room, which now serves as their play room! Now we have a very uncluttered and spacious family/living/computer/exercise/dining room and couldn't be happier. It's like we moved to a house with another 150 square feet!

The biggest plus is that their play seems more structured. Not only do they seem to understand better where everything needs to be put away when they're done playing, but when playtime ends. We leave the room, so clean-up time is way more obvious. It wasn't just the space that was cluttered, it was our schedule. It was as hard to differentiate play time and lunch time as it was to seperate the playing and eating areas. Impossible when the high chairs were between the toys and the play area.

Unfortunately, now we've subsituted day-time chaos for night. It seems I might have to make a habit of sitting in their room playing police-mom while they fall asleep. Off I go.