Wednesday, June 11



Zach absentmindedly hops up from his computer chess game to get some milk for the toddler.

I look up from the bowlful of canned spinach, peas, and chicken I'm spooning into the twins' faces (suckerrrrs!) and my brow furrows. "Mia- there's a nicer way to ask for milk."

Zach pauses at the fridge. Mia notices this and chastises me impatiently. "He's already getting it, so be quiet!"

And here's where our discipline always fails.

"Baaaah ha ha ha ha!"


Marsie Pants said...

Okay, that's pretty much the awesomest story I've ever heard. What a cute little stinker!

Leslie said...

It's Friday! TGIF! As I head off too do a half hour of playground duty in the frost this morning, I am glad I will then have the whole weekend to read blogs and do more digital scrapbooking. :)

Magirk said...

I'm laughing too. :D


Ohhhhhhh, discipline. Discipline, discipline, discipline.

Okay. I just realized, I don't actually want to talk about this!

We're having some spectacular power struggles at our house. And we just entered the fabulous world of The Terrible Twos - Squared, in the last few months.

It's a good thing I have blogs like yours to keep me SANE. (haha!)