Wednesday, June 4

At Wal-Mart of all places

Well, I said I'd write when something good happened in Ohio, so here goes!

A lady cut in front of me in the self-check-out line at Wal-Mart. I can see how it happened. There was one line of people waiting for two counters- we just went to the one that became available first. She saw a long line at one counter and no line at the other, figured everyone waiting in the "other line" was a blind idiot, and went for it. But a little while later she turned and looked at me (the one line had quickly become two lines when people realized not everyone was going for this "wait for your turn" business,) and looked at the three packages of stickers in my hands. I smiled and nodded a little and she said "Is that all you have? You can go before me if you want..."

It was past Mia's bedtime, and we were kind of in a hurry. So- yeah. That was a good thing. In Ohio.

Oh! And the sun came out for an hour, too! That was good.


Good times.

Here in Ohio.

Until the next "Good Things Ohio." I'll keep you posted.

OH! And Bevan's don't worry. These posts have nothing to do with you. As far as I'm concerned, you are only as Ohioan as we are.


Tonya said...

I thought for a second that the lady was going to pay for your stickers!

Hot Air said...

Ha- Yeah- you'd think a blog about something good would be a little more involved. Well, we're starting small- ha ha.. But just wait- something really good (and Ohio-related) will happen pretty soon. I can feel it. ;-)

Leslie said...

Hello Summer - it was nice to meet you at the Digital Scrapbook Place - I saw your post in the Introduction section, and then I read your blog. :)

You have your hands full, but you do seem to be blessed. My two sons are now 17 and 20.

That's a gorgeous blog header you made there. :)

Oh, I'm in Australia.

misty said...

Those things rarely happen to me, either. Most people are just rude and in a hurry.

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week, it takes me awhile to get back to people. I'm trying to survuve the terrible twos. Hope you had a good weekend.