Friday, August 1

Pulling up roots and getting grass

Today we've been in Ohio for a year.

We were out back watching the girls splash in the pool and I was thinking there was no way I could have pictured this last year. When we first moved here, we thought we were trapped into a year lease at Jefferson Chase. After realizing they had no play area, the pool was disgusting, and the grass around the pond was covered in goose poop until it was too cold to go to the pond anyway. Mia wasn't two yet, the babies were three months. And we were all pretty unhappy in our dark, malfunctioning townhome.

I thought we'd have spent another spring and summer there by now- but we got out of the lease six months early! To think we almost didn't even ask. We couldn't have paid a fee for breaking the contract. But they had just gotten a new manager, and somehow their policy allowed us to leave because we had signed up just before they changed it.

And so we've spent every warm day this year in our own house on our own lawn. I had no idea a backyard would mean so much.


Marsie Pants said...

You forgot to mention the most important part of moving to Ohio: you've now known ME for a year! :-)

Magirk said...

So fun! :-D And your girls are so freakin' cute!

We just finished fencing in our yard, so now we have a completely enclosed back yard with grass and swingset and sandbox for fun, fun, fun for the kids. And I don't even have to worry about my little boy making a beeline for the street to try to go hi-jack a car and take off! He loves cars.

Yay for grass! ;-)

(Your girls are so cute! I know I already said this, but they are.)

Hot Air said...

Ha ha! And we've known Maury for a year!!!!

Actually, I've resisted the urge to write a whole post about how glad we are to have found the Bevans when we did. So don't tempt me.