Sunday, August 31


A couple of days ago I thought Mia wanted to color. Thanks to a really annoying cartoon called "Max and Ruby," she has started talking like the character Max, who aggravatingly speaks one word sentences to try and get his point across. So when she said "Mia cahwuh," (she can't say her "L's" very well,) I was kind of annoyed that she was talking that way again, but asked if she wanted to color.

"Noooo! Mia cahwuh!" Huh?

"Sweetie, I don't understand. You don't want to color?"

"No! Mia cahwaaaaah!" she was getting so frustrated. Then she said "Ban Wagonuh." Oh. Mia Cara Van Wagoner. She was trying to demonstrate the latest big-girl thing she learned. Isn't it awful? Mom thinks she's talking like a baby, and she's really talking like a grown-up. With a speech impediment. Drrt.

I'm thinking this incident, and many similar to it, is the reason I found her on the couch the other day practicing saying "sled." With a real "L" sound. It was so cute I got out the video camera and recorded what came next:

(Pllllease pardon my nagging after she asks for paper- I was so entertained by the way she was saying it, I didn't care that it totally sounded like I was making her beg... mean mommy. Kind of a bad word to practice on, I guess.)


RhondaLue said...

SO stinking cute!!! I love it!

Mother Goose said...

so cute! I love it!

Tulsi said...

Mikele couldn't say J's for the longest time. Juice was Zeus. She had Zelly on toast. I kind of miss it. But it wouldn't be good for a 14 year old to be asking for Zeus. A greek god looking guy for a husband, maybe. But not at 14. Have to draw a line somewhere, don't we?

I love your monkey's jumping on the bed comment thing.

Hot Air said...

Haha, Tulsi! I already miss "Pweeease?"

Magirk said...

Oh my gosh, she is so stinkin' cute!! And that video is priceless.

You can almost literally see the triumph in her eyes as she's able to get the correct sounds out. I got goosebumps just by that look in her eyes. ;-)

I absolutely love it!! ;-D

So beautiful, and funny, and magical, all wrapped into one sweet little experience.

Way to capture the moment, too!

The Garber Family said...

P l ease!
So sweet! She is an amazing girl. I feel so behind on how fast she's growing, what with seeing her every six months or so. Someday I need to see her once a week. Someday.

Lara said...

Oh my gosh, Sum. Is she really the most amazing, adorable little person on the planet or am I just caught up in the moment :)

Breezi said...

She sounds like she has a cute little English accent when she says Paper. Soo funny.

When Alli couldn't say her "L" sound very well she called herself "Awwwie" So when she got a boo-boo, we couldn't call it an owie, we had to say ouchie... other wise it just sounded like she had an owie on the Awwie. She also said Butta-button for Belly button. freekin hilarious. I miss those days.

Melissa said...

So cute! You can just see her concentrating on the perfect tongue placement. What an accomplishment! L sounds can be very hard. For years I was yissa. Apparently the /muh/ sound was a little hard too.

Cherry Tree said...

Glad to see that you are commenting on my blog again. I missed you. :)

Kelly Durham said...

Max and Ruby IS annoying. I actually had to ban it for awhile until people around here could talk like big girls again.

Way to go, Mia!

Susan said...

Love that video!
Her facial expression when she did it and was so proud of herself was priceless.

Blog Stalker said...

Kids are so cute. I for one love the little speach impediments. Always frustrating, and we get so happy when they start to say them correctly, but I secretly miss a lot of the cuteness and 'babyness' that dissappears with it!

Shelle said...

K so I have to leave you a comment because I came over here from the Joseph Smith Discussion with Daquiri...I just wanted to said everything I was TRYING to say...but shorter and more eloquently!

And I also had one of those Mommy moments with my little girl a few months ago! Hey...they didn't give us a manual on these things! lol!

Megs said...

Mike and I were laughing during this. I had to listen over and over! Then Lara and I had to watch it. I love it!! haha

Marsie Pants said...

I encourage Abby to say things the wrong way. I was depressed when she stopped calling her blankets her "keepies". I intend to do this to her until she moves out of the house.