Monday, August 18

Old-Fashioned Love

Have you noticed that Nickelodeon, Disney, and now sometimes PBS all have the idea that every kid, everywhere should and does have the same life dream? To be a rock star.

Every show, every commercial: You can be like Hannah Montana! Every kid show sports a professional musician character somewhere in it. My personal gag-fest favorite: "Chuck-E-Cheeses- where a kid can be a STAR!" Plphhhh.

I give Miss Montana two years before she joins the ranks of the dysfunctional has-been pop divas whose super-infamous names I don't even need to mention. Do these networks think we haven't made the connection? Er- duh.

This isn't a new phenomenon. I remember right after high school, the second or third in my collection of gay friends confided in all seriousness one night while driving and listening to Gwen Stefani, "I'm going to be famous someday." I just kind of raised my eyebrows.

What was I supposed to say? Good for you? When what I was thinking was, Shallow, dude. Shouldn't you aspire to greatness and then become famous for it? But no- he just wanted to be famous.

"For what?" I asked in as curious a tone as I could muster. (This is also the friend who bragged about his poop floating, so I was braced for the worst.)

"I don't know yet. But just wait, you'll see. I'm going to be famous."

I didn't say anything. He then proceeded to get offended that I didn't "have faith" in him.

I don't think he was alone in his need to be worshipped by strangers. Unfortunately, I suspect, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of performing stages on television, that he was only voicing the immature goal being instilled in every kid who watches the new craze in sit-com themes.

There is a love void spreading. And we are trying to fill it with all the wrong stuff.


Melissa said...

I myself have fallen prey. I'm sad to admit that not long ago I was a huge Lizzie Maguire fan. To this day I still have Lizzie Maguire socks and when a Hilary Duff song comes on the radio I know all the words. I was at Best Buy and saw the Hilary Duff "greatest hits" CD (Can you have a greatest hits at 18?) I ended up buying a Killers CD and a Death Cab for Cutie CD at the same time hoping to counteract the cheezy-ness of the purchase. I try to tell myself that L. M. was a great role model and not at all like the "infamous" ones but who am I kidding? What's really embarrassing is that I convinced myself I was watching as "research" for school. The kids love it when I can carry on an informed conversation about Pokemon or High School Musical. Every now and then I make sure to tune into the Disney channel or Saturday morning cartoons just so I can tell them how to spell the latest creature from Ben Ten, should they ask. Lately, my heart hasn't been in it. Hannah Montana is too mean to her brother and the other cartoons are sooo lame. Has anyone seen Sushi Pack? When I watched that one I had to call my mom to complain. She told me I could always just turn it off. Oh, yeah.

So, if the pop idol trend continues I may have to adjust some of my curriculum. Stop educating future mathematicians and writers. Start focusing on stage presence and dealing with the paparazzi.

Breezi said...

Guess what Summer? I'm going to be famous today. (& my poop doesn't float either....i think... ) I'm going to be the most famous Breezi there is.... I'm sure of it :o)

Sydney said...

Okay, am I the only one who thinks little miss Hannah Montana is just odd looking?
These little pop-tarts are all going to flop eventually. it's a sad reality of the business!

La said...

You don't need any encouragement, my dear personal idol of adolescence. I agree with you completely, you're on the money as always, mwah

Magirk said...

So true.

The Garber Family said...

I couldn't agree more.