Friday, August 8

All's Fair- well almost

Grandma and Grandpa are here!! We went easy on them and waited 'til a whole day after they arrived to cart them to the Ohio State Fair with us.

We pre-bought Mia a wristband for all-day access to the rides, with a cute picture of her running from kiddie-ride to kiddie-ride giggling and saying "That was fun!" in our heads. So the first thing we did when we arrived was search for the kiddie rides. We ran across some bumper boats, and she agreed to take a shot. No one else was there, so she got all the attention of the ride controller. But she still ended up bawling before the ride was over. She couldn't steer in any direction but "spin."

After trying to coax Mia onto another couple of kiddie rides, we gave up and went to the petting zoo, where all three girls had a great time. Oh- except Anya. It was hilareous to see how twin sisters could react so completely differently to the exact same things. You think I'd be used to it by now. Bree loves to be held upside-down by her ankles and swung around. Anya clings like velcro if you bend over while you are holding her tightly.

Enter the camel. Anya started bawling when he got too close. Bree was happy to see a camel so close-up. There's a picture of it below. Anya: bawling. Bree: grinning. Camel: trying hard, but suffering from mixed messages.

Ohio State Fair: 5 stars (I'm not into book reviews quite yet- still have to fix the food for these pesky children. But since I'm such a joiner, I thought I would try in my own "special" way.)

Ohio State Fair Funnel Cake: 0 stars. And 5 dollars.

Being 30 and screaming your head off while spinning backwards, upside-down and a little to the ri-- no left-- for the first time since becoming a mother: priceless.


Marsie Pants said...

Okay, I need to get something straight. Are you wearing pigtails? Or a side ponytail? Either way, thumbs up!

Melissa said...

Have fun with the in-laws! It's gotta be nice to have extra pairs of hands. Hopefully, you and Zach will get to go on a date and leave the girls home with grandma and grandpa. Ohio State Fair Funnel Cake: O stars -- I have to agree. :)

Breezi said...

You should have tried the deep fried Cookie dough... now that is 10 stars for sure!

The Garber Family said...

LOVE seeing the pics of the fun you're having!

Mother Goose said...

what a fun outing!

Megs said...

Oh dear....sounds like a trip that should be on video. I hope it is!!!! Mike and I enjoyed this post :)

NatRat said...

How fun to have grandma and grandpa there. I bet a little relief and help for you too. Looks like your having a great time.

Magirk said...

Awesome. ;-)

Love those pictures! But shouldn't you be in more of them?? That's what my Hubby always says to me - but you know, someone has to actually remember the darn camera and actually get it out to take pictures! Otherwies, our children would grow up to be adults and wonder if they ever really did have a childhood because there wouldn't be any proof of it! Thank goodness for mothers!!

That was a nice tangent, wasn't it??

You're an awesome mom, Summer. Our county fair was 5 miles down the road from us, and I couldn't motivate my lazy toosh to even take our 5yo, let alone a pair of twins and a 5yo. Kudos to you for staying active.

I'm afraid I'm just a ninny who couldn't overcome the pain this week. Maybe we'll hit the fair next year...

And YAY, for having grandparents come to visit! ;-D

Magirk said...

How'd you like that typo in the word 'otherwies'?

Typing really fast does have it's drawbacks sometimes. (hee hee)

And how 'bout that broken up smiley face??

Guess I should actually PREVIEW more of my comments, eh?

(Don't you just love it when the comments really start to stack up!!) ;-)