Thursday, August 28

Favorite Things Swap

I really enjoy making cute presents, and I've seen people having so much fun doing this, so I thought I'd get in on this one and invite my own blogging buddies!

1. Let Wendi know you want to participate. RSVP by August 30, 2008.

2. Pick three (or more) of your favorite things to share with your partner.
(I am sure no one would complain if you wanted to send more.)
This does not have to be expensive.
It could be your favorite book, a new mascara, or a book of your favorite recipes.
It might even be some personalized note cards, or a box of your favorite chocolates. Items can be new, bought, or even homemade.
Just remember to send a package that you would be excited to receive. Be creative!

3. Email Wendi at with the following information:
Your name
Your mailing address
Your email address
Your website/ blog /or flickr address.(you must have one of these)
A little something about yourself.
Please let her know if you would be willing to ship internationally.

4.She will email you the information about your swap partner shortly after the sign up deadline.
The delivery deadline is September 22, 2008.
Be sure to have your packages ready and postmarked by then.

So...are you ready to join in the fun? Share this with your friends! Tell your neighbors! Email your associates!

Contact Wendi at with any questions


Blog Stalker said...

Awesome idea. Can't wait to watch and hear about all the fun stories this is bound to create.

Good Luck

Tulsi said...

How fun. I'll do it.