Tuesday, July 15

You Make a Difference

Oops- I just checked the link, and it went to the wrong movie. The one I saw was just as cheesy, not quite as long. Uh- sorry. I changed it.

I liked this.

I'm so grateful to all the people in my life who have taken the time and effort to build me up instead of tear me down.

And I'm grateful for all the people who have put up with my complete lack of self-esteem, have taken the crap I've dished out (and, if history repeats itself, will probably dish again) and stuck around long enough for an apology. (More apologies will also be dished- hopefully someday, I'll match the number of apologies with the number of hurts I've been responsible for.)

What a blessing humble examples have been in my life. I want you to know I'm trying to be like you. Because you truly make a difference.


Magirk said...


NatRat said...

Summer, you have one of those blogs that you read and you are like "that girl is one awesome girl and she can really write well and the words just come out so clearly." Your really good and have such great posts.

Thanks for the brush link. :)

Mother Goose said...

linked through lds blogger. Love your true honesty!

The Garber Family said...

I have loved loved loved getting to know you better through your blog. I think, if you're like me, it's so much easier to talk about my thoughts and feelings through words and I have loved having these "conversations" with you. My brother and neices are very lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful wife/mother!