Friday, July 4


Don't get me wrong- I'm still an Underfan. But my sister and I decided that Carrie Underwood's "Independance Day" is a little on the shy side of a true cover. Really, when all you do is take out the original vocalist and sing the exact same runs and phrasing to a sub-par instrumental, you might as well be in a bar looking at the words flashing on a screen. Its like the whole purpose of this song was just to say "See? I could have made this song famous. Move over Martina. Red has had it's day- blonde is on the way."

Maybe there's some history behind her reasoning for doing this. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Whatever- I am still a fan of both their incredible voices.

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Magirk said...

Well, I love both Carrie and Martina. But I haven't even heard Carrie cover that song - didn't even know about it, so this is news to me!

Though I adore Carrie, I'll admit, I'm one of those Martina fans who believes one (no matter who that 'one' is) should never even attempt singing a Martina song.

Just leave perfection alone, as far as I'm concerned.