Tuesday, July 22

"I don't cook"

So, we're celebrating Zach's latest academic acheivement (he got honors! aaaand told me I'm not allowed to brag about it on here, so it's officially in parenthesis) at Olive Garden for our monthly family outing. I overhear a lady boasting "I don't cook. Unless you're in the mood for Cheerios! " Laughter from everyone at her table.

I thought we were over the whole bushy-eyebrowed, football shoulder-padded, wear a teal blazer, anti-feminism era two decades ago. I guess it's like makeup. I've heard we women tend to wear our hair and makeup the same way we did when we were at our "prime." This lady obviously wore blue eyehadow in her high school graduation photo, which is... cool. But, sadly, it seems the appeal of the "I don't cook" phrase is sticking around for some people, too.

I understand busy. But I also understand priorities. And I agree with the idea that cooking for, and eating with, loved ones is one of the highest.

Two days later:

Don't tell me you can't cook. If you can read this, you can cook. I'm not talking lasagna here. I'm talking... not.. Cheerios. C'mon- seriously. It's not an "ability," it's a decision.

Tell me you don't cook- fine. That's your decision. And this is my blog. "Come back soon!" ;-)


Magirk said...


Ugh. I really can't stand it when I hear women (especially fellow 'sisters' of the faith) say that they don't care for cooking and allow their husband to do most of the cooking.

Now, when I was deathly ill in my pregnancies, and on other special occasions, I allow my husband to assume the cooking responsibilities. But if it's just your average, ordinary dinner at home on any day of the week - you will find me in the kitchen!

My grandma left me a wonderful legacy of cooking for her family with delight and enthusiasm and love. And I fully intend to carry that legacy on and illustrate it for my own daughters. I consider it an honor of the highest order to be able to prepare a meal with love for my family and nourish them properly and fully.

However 50's-ish that makes me.

So there! ;-)

(Congratulations - in parentheses - to your Sweetheart on his honors!! That sounds really fabulous.)

The Garber Family said...

I like to cook when Matt eats with me. Otherwise, it's cereal. It is satisfying to nurture your loved ones that way. Even if it is just a boxed up Betty Crocker complete meal doctored up with garlic bread and a salad. (last night)

Cherry Tree said...

But, I really don't cook. Sorry, I just don't have that ability yet. It is a talent I admire in others but that and cleaning are just not something I know how to do. I do other traditionally female things. Just never got the hang of those two. Same with my mom and her mom. My maternal Grandmother worked in a shirt factory from the time she was 12 until she got married. Her hubby taught her the basics of cooking and cleaning, but pretty much just did it himself. He could even embroidery. (He was the youngest of 4 brothers sans a mother at an early age.) I can bake bread and make fantastic pizza, but I don't know that I will ever master macaroni and cheese or anything else stove top.

(Way to go Zack- very, very cool!)