Tuesday, October 7


I can't stand the word verification thingys that make sure robots aren't commenting on our blogs. I took the feature off my blog a few months ago, and so far, no robots have tried leaving their two cents.

In my efforts to allieviate my absolute hatred for typing letters that don't make words, I have created two games.

First game: Try to come up with an acronym that has something to do with the post. I've never shared any with you, because I would have to explain this game in a comment, and I don't want to distract from your post like that. Sometimes, the letters have a kind of personalized license plate thing going on- like when I was commenting on the blog of the gal who has been discussing the LDS church, the letters were something like whyjldks. That one I did share, because it was just so- weird.

Second game: Try and get all the letters in one glance. Usually I need two glances, sometimes three. I think Seinfeld had the same idea with gas fill-ups; stopping on perfect change with one squeeze. When I get a one-glancer, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Just like finishing boring chores as fast as I possibly can, the point is to get this crappy word verification out of the way as quickly as possible. I'd like to see this game turned into a competition between a whole group of people.

This is going to be big. Bigger than MadLibs. Brush up on your typing skills, in case you get an invite to a word verification party. Soon.

Click here.


bethany said...

awesome!!! When I was doing the research I found out that the robots can even fill out word verification!! I bet they can do it better than me, I am horrible at it as well. :) Glad you found the kill word verification button, and I hope it serves you well!!!!

PS LOVE your tunes! (and you family looks super sweet too :)

Sahara said...

Now I will always look at the letters of those stupid thingies because of this post. You inspired me. I disabled the stupid-can-barely-read word thingy on my blog.

Britney said...

Clever. Very, very clever.

Magirk said...

Um, what?? :-S

Blog Stalker said...

I too am a word verification Hater. I don't like it because it takes time to type in and because I get it wrong sometimes, reading it too fast and seeing something thats not there. ugh!

Have a greatr day!

RhondaLue said...

alright I killed my word verification just for you.

I'd better get a comment outta this! ;)

NatRat said...

I hate these word verification things too!! What I hate most about them is that it takes me like 3 tries before it even works. I can't read the letters...lame-o!

Tulsi said...

I'll kill mine and see what happens.