Friday, October 17

Protecting Marriage

Fellow blogger, Erika, posted this.

Breezi alerted me to a big ol' debate going on Facebook, specifically about the involvement of LDS people in the support of a "Yes" vote.

I feel so helpless and hopeless lately about the state of our country. A part of what I wrote back to Breezi- "as long as there are people in this country who believe it is okay to leave God out of our government simply because a few people are offended by the idea of Him, we are really lost as a people. The government that our forefathers built this nation on included God, and the assumption that the people of the nation worshipped Him. Yes, they wanted people to worship how, what or where they may- but I don't think they included a back-up plan for when the country decided to bag the whole "Diety idea" completely. Basically, I believe there's no going back. From here on out, it's just going to get worse. I don't think that lets us off the hook- I do believe there are a few people out there whose eternal salvation can still be affected by the good around them."

What drives you to do good? The hope of a better future for your children? The simple knowledge that you are doing what you should- what you wish everyone would? I'm not asking because I want to start up an intellectual dialogue. I am looking for a more positive spin on my thoughts.


Blog Stalker said...

AMEN! and AMEN. The United States was prepared for the founders by GOD for HIS true gospel to be restored to the earth. The Founders knew they were a part of something monumental and actually fought with each other over the details in trying to make the whole thing fool proof. It almost works. But when good people sit by and let a minority make the rules, this is what you get. But it is not too late. WE all need to be vocal and open our mouths, not being afraid that someone might be offended. Ther ARE offensive things in this world.

Sorry, had to stop....great post and great message to all who care about THE GREAT REPUBLIC

Have a great day!

Erika said...

I think it's important that we have opposition in all things. If we didn't have the people who didn't want God in our government then I don't know that we would truly appreciate what our forefathers gave us. There are lessons that we are learning from all of this. It's helping every single one of us decide what is the most important thing to us and where our values lie. It is depressing to think that so many people can spit on God like this, but it's a necessary trial for us to endure. God will be with us as long as the majority of the people choose good, when that ceases to happen, then we will be ripe for destruction. This coming vote will help us know how ripe we are.

I guess knowing that God is in charge gives me the peace to go on doing good. :)

The Waits Gate said...

Sign me up! It's amazing isn't it? The saying my dad uses is, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I believe maybe we need to be squeakier.

Summer said...

Erika- I totally misspelled your name. Sorry!

What a great reminder. "That which does not kill us... " ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking A LOT about your most recent post. My husband and I just watched "John Adams." It has a VERY dramatic depiction of the founding of this country and ever since I watched it I can't help but think, "What would John Adams (or George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin or whoever!) think about what is going on in this country today? Would they feel like all their sacrifice and suffering was worth it?" I'm not sure what they would say (probably each one of them would have a different opinion), but it makes me feel like I have a duty as an American citizen to stand up against evil and injustice in any way that I can.

As for the reason why I (try to) do good? I guess because it makes me happy. Over the course of my relatively short lifetime, I've found that when I follow the principles of the gospel, I'm blessed with peace and happiness. Is doing the right thing easy? Anyone who has endured the three hour block with small children KNOWS it's not. But it's usually worth the effort in the end. What I'm hoping is that I can teach my family to do the right things. And I'm hoping that others will see how happy our way of life makes us and that they will believe us when we tell us why we're so happy! Things are pretty bleak in this country right now. I think you're right that things are only going to get worse. And I think the contrast between the happy people and the miserable ones will only become more clear. Wickedness never was happiness! Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about. Thanks for bringing it up and making me think about something besides what the heck I'm going to fix for dinner.


Magirk said...

I'm really struggling with this right now - trying to make sense out of what's going on in our great nation, and trying to find the courage inside me to buck up and endure through these times.

General Conference this month was very strengthening to me. But every day, it seems there are more stories and news about how our society is just going to pot.

It's frustrating to me, mostly because my entire (extended) family are democrats and voting for 'The One.' It makes me so sad that this is where they've arrived, and I've been fighting off those feelings of just needing to separate myself from them for a while.

I've also really been clinging to that knowledge that I have of the truth - that these times have been prophesied and there is something infinitely more glorious and happy coming in the future. Some days I wonder if I really do have the courage and strength to hold up in these times - the evil around us is so stunning and crazy, to me.

Anyway. Sorry I'm late again. But great post. :-)