Sunday, October 5

Blackmail material

So bedtime got better. Dinnertime, however, got worse.

Now she complains that her booster seat hurts her legs (which it does- they are long, heavy toddler legs and they just dangle off the hard plastic seat. I wouldn't be able to sit like that longer than a minute, either.) We let her sit on the regular chair, but can't strap her in. So between bites, she finds reason after reason to jump off the chair.

I wouldn't really have a problem with this, but between feeding two babies, and myself, I don't usually notice that once off the chair, she doesn't come back. She has started building a diaper tower or is using the pulled-off couch cushion as a trampoline. Lately, if I notice her getting off the chair, I stop her and threaten to stick her on the booster seat and strap her in. But what cunning three-year-old is going to let a wimpy little threat like that stop her? Today she used her no-fail excuse: gotta go potty.

Ten minutes later, I've finished feeding the twins, and have started eating myself, when I see Mia's plate, still full of food, and Mia's seat, still vacant of Mia.

"What are you doing, Mim? You need to finish your dinner."

"Blah-hoogah boogah!"

She didn't get a nap today, and it's showing. Mia is in full-blown pumpkin hour. She has one of the babies' pairs of sunglasses on, her winter boots from last year, and never got her panties back on after her trip to the potty. (Sound familiar anyone? ;) I try not to reward her by laughing.

"Mia, get your panties back on and come finish your dinner."

"Dee dee honk honk!" *giggle giggle*

"Mim- it's not funny. If you don't get those back on, I'll take your picture and show it to every boy you bring home. You'll be soooo embarrassed."

"Take a picture!!!" She poses next to her crumpled-on-the-floor Princess panties.

I will not forget. And this picture's future viewers will not have the benefit of my very skilled artistic computer descretion, either. Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa.


The Waits Gate said...

That's hilarious! I love your life, your blog, and that it's yours! You are so awesome! Good skirt!

The Garber Family said...

We usually have to threaten to take their plates away if they get up. Hard to follow through on though, when you're BEGGING your kids to take just one bite.

Hollie said...

Sounds like my kid. I've been tempted to pull his high chair out again so that he's strapped in. Cute picture though. Nice sensor.

Melissa B. said...

Funny snap and hilarious post! We're still in the "blackmail years," and one of our kids is a college senior! BTW, I've posted something today about the disappearance of the puzzling Blogstalker, who seems to have evaporated from Cyberspace. I notice that you're on his/her/its blogroll, so thought I'd touch base. Please drop by and weigh in on this mystery!

Erika said...

Hahaha, that's awesome. Maybe you should try getting a different booster seat? But then again, 3 is old enough to not need one.

Anonymous said...

That sounds oh too familiar!! Dinner can be so hard at our house too because with a barely 3 year old, 4 1/2 year old, and me being pregnant I don't have the energy to chase them down. I am so glad others have the same problems and it is not just me.

Sahara said...

It's like there are all of these little monkeys jumping up and down inside of all little kids. It makes them so they can't sit still. Take a bite. bounce bounce bounce. Take a bite. run off. Take a bite. mischief.

Marsie Pants said...

Wow. My kid never does that. Maybe you're doing something wrong.

(I think people who read my comments think I really hate you. Don't worry, I don't. And you're a fantastic mother, duh.)

Lora said...

I'm a firm believer in blackmail or bribery!! Gracie has been just like that and I've just had to get used to it, but lately she's been excellent at dinner time. So I guess I'd have to say it gets easier, but I have my nights where I give up and let her dinner plate go cold. Then, of course, we get at 10pm "I'm hungry!!" I don't think we'll ever have our kids figured out totally.

I love your blog, it always leaves me laughing!!

Summer said...

Ha ha Maury. My comments are pretty mean, too.

Oh, well. So people think we hate each other.

That's pretty funny.

RhondaLue said...

check her out..the lil rock star!

My 2 1/2 yr old always insists on her "princess panties." and I tell her that if she wears panties she can't pee pee in them. She has to pee in the potty. She looks at me with a disgusted look (like I'm from mars with legs growing out of my ears) and says. "No! I pee in my PRINCESS PANTIES!!!" It's not worth the fight and I just let her sometimes. I make her wear a dress so i only have to change undies and not the whole outfit when she pees herself. how gross is that? hehe

Magirk said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Hee hee hee....

**Snorting laughter**

**rolling on the floor**

Seriously. What a great idea!!!

I had never considered the blackmail angle.

Thanks for sharing. ;-)

You're such an awesome mom.