Wednesday, October 8

Picture Tag

Got tagged by Hollie.

Go to "My pictures." Choose the 4th folder, 4th picture. Tell us about it.

I save everything I shoot. I got to the B'- Barker. A family from three moves ago. This was the fourth shot. No- I'm not proud of my fill lighting. She wrote me to see if we'd be visiting Utah anytime soon. They need a new family shot with their new baby. :( Sorry. I'm seriously thinking I should advertise here in Ohio, though.

Hey, y'all. I'm a photographer. Gitch'er pictures heeeeere! Sigh. My heart's just not as into it anymore. Nowadays, everyone has a business called "Photography by insert name here." Maybe I'm not as much a joiner as I thought. It even bugs me that I'm hearing the name Mia all over the place now. I thought it was relatively unique when we named her three years ago. Maybe I'll dye my hair green.

Okay. Whose 4th folder pictures do we want to see. Wa, Nog, Maury, Steph, Breezi. That should start a nice chain. Tag!


Breezi said...

challenge accepted..... now just to find time (when the kids go to bed... I'll be doin' my bloggin' thing!)

Hollie said...

Wow what an intimate glance into your life, a picture of some random family.

Marsie Pants said...

All right...I'll do it. In fact, I may just do it right now.

Magirk said...

A very lovely picture. :-)

I would definitely have you do our next family photographs, if we lived in Ohio, no matter what you name your business. ;-)

La said...

Nice writing prompt!

Tanith said...

Good words.