Monday, October 13

Goodbye summer

It's cold out. After a fleeting summer romance, each of the girls had to say goodbye to their favorite friend.

Anya did.

Bree did.

Mia kind of did.

So hard to let go.



Magirk said...

Those are the best pictures EVER.

We had to bid farewell to our swimming pool a few weeks ago.


My heart goes out to you all. ;-)

(Isn't it amazing the difference a little wading pool can make?!)

Marsie Pants said...

HA! Poor Mia. Just put her in the tub with her swimming suit. Almost the same thing.

Blog Stalker said...

Goodbye Summer and Hello Jackets, Hot chocolate, Snuggling and Football, halloween and thanksgiving..........I love the fall.....bring it on!

Have a great day!

RhondaLue said...

Aww you have the cutest kids everrr!

Mother Goose said...

awwe how shaweet!

Shauna said...

Your girls are so-ooo adorable :)