Friday, September 12

Top This

Five poopy diapers before 9. In the morning.

Whatcha got, mommies?


Kelly Durham said...

You totally win.

However, I felt the need to share that I came out on the wrong end of the "IS THAT POOP OR CHOCOLATE?" game we mommies are sometimes forced to play. It was totally poop and now I think I need about eight showers.

This will all be really funny someday, right?

Magirk said...

OMGosh, you KNOW this has totally happened to me!

But the worst was Baby Boy's diarhea a few weeks ago, just in time for our little weekend vacation. It got so bad that the skin on his tooshie was so raw, it was like an open sore. That happened to Sweet Pea when we brought her home from the hospital. I had never seen anything like it!! And I hate it.

Anyhoo. 5. Wow. I soooooo am grateful not to be you this morning. ;-)

Love you, though.... You're awesome! (haha!)

Betsy said...

I NEVER want to top that one!!! :-) I get frustrated when it is 5 in one day, let alone by 9am.

Dawn said...

You win!! I don't even want to join that contest lol.

Breezi said...

I got it beat. Only it wasn't diapers, it was me. I love the flu. :o)

Marsie Pants said...

You really want to know??? Sucking snot out of a kid's face for twelve hours straight.