Friday, September 12

Happy Birthday, Mimi

Last night at 11:40 I was in Mia's room watching her sleep and thinking, "Three years ago exactly, I was in an elevator throwing up." Mia was born at 1:33 am. (Not in the elevator.)

More Miminess:

Mia stubbed her toe: "Oww!"
"You stub your toe, baby?"
"Yeah. My foot huwts. I need to go to the store to get a new one."
"Do they sell feet at the store?"
"Yes. And I'm going to drive there by myself! Bye, Mom! I'm going to the stoore.... to get a new fooot!"

She see's a Blue's Clues notebook. "Look!!! It's a handy dandy!"
The first time she saw a question mark: "Look!! A clue!"

Anya swiped her tortilla. "Mom! Anya's eating my diarrhea!"

The clock changes from 7:59 to 8:00 (bedtime.) "Oh deeeaw. It's 8 o'cwock. But it's okay, that 8 is a nice guy, he won't huwt us."

Heard from upstairs: Mia rallying the twins, "C'mon, guys! Let's wock and woll!" followed by exuberant Playschool xylophone playing.

Comprehension check after reading the kid's version of the story of "Legion."
"So then what happened, Mia?"
"Jesus saw the pigs and they said, 'Hello! What's your name?' and he said, 'Jesus. Go away.'"

The next day after reading the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water:
"Who walked on the water, Mia?"
"And who else?"
"The pigs!"

Exasperated: "Mia, you can't keep doing this (stalling) at bedtime. Who do you like to put you to bed, nice mommy or mean mommy??"
"I like Daddy."
Zach cracks up in the next room.

"I loooove dip!" (Warm V8 we dip grilled cheese in) "I want to drink it!"
"Okay, Mia! Can you eat two bites of sandwich first?"
"How 'bout fiiiive bites?!"
"Uh- okay."

Four hours 'til our princess party. Happy Birthday, Your Highness!! We love you!


The Waits Gate said...

She is sooo funny! What a great big sis. Happy Birthday Mia!

Breezi said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I hope your party ROCKS THE HOUSE!
Enjoy the glitter :o)

Marsie Pants said...

"Jesus. Go Away."

I may start trying to use that in everyday conversation. (Appropriately, of course. Don't want to go to Hell.)

Happy Birthday, Mia!!

Magirk said...

Fun, fun, fun stories. ;-)

I love it!

Happy Birthday Mia!

Dawn said...

That is so funny! Happy Birthday Mia! My favorite was the clue/question mark!

Melissa said...

Looks like you've got your own book. Conversations with a three year old. So funny.

Tulsi said...

I like Daddy is to funny. I love the kids birthdays because I always thing of them on a minute by minute basis. I was doing this, you were doing that, Steve was doing this. I am a total epidural girl after the first one!!!!

The Garber Family said...

These are awesome. I'm so glad you recorded them somewhere! They will provide your kids many laughs at the dinner table when they are older...