Monday, September 15

Lucky Pocket

So, after a really bad wind last night, I guess 2 million homes and businesses in Ohio didn't have power today. We did. How nice.

My VT came to check on me. I checked on the people I visit teach. Is that our ward's emergency situation plan? It seems like it should work. But how would I have contacted them if I hadn't had a phone or car?

We only know two of our neighbors. (We only have two actual "neighbors"- tons of the houses around here are foreclosed on and empty.)

I've got an appointment to go do food storage in a few weeks. We're using up the stuff we got for Christmas a few years ago. Some of it past the expired date already, but it's still good.

We keep getting wake up calls and finding ourselves generally unprepared for an emergency longer than a few days.


Breezi said...


IT's ok though we just got our power turned back on... after 31 hours :o) too bad we lost everything in the fridge :o(

betsybear said...

You are really lucky to still have power!! Yea for little blessings!!

Hot Air said...

Yeah- I was going for the rub it in effect because I'm evil like that. Sheez, Breez! I called around trying to see if anyone wanted to use our fridge or whatever. I thought you were in a lucky pocket, too- actually. It seemed like everything north of us was on. I sent out an e-mail seeing if anyone knew of anyone who needed anything. Ya know- it would sure be smart if we had some sort of alternate communication in situations like this. Had our ward been prepared, everyone could have known who needed what.

I guess that's what VT's are for, huh. Actually- my VT came to check on me, and I called and went to check on mine... ;)

maybe I should have put that in the actual post. I guess i will now.

Magirk said...

Glad you had your power!

Interesting, about all the foreclosures in your area... Just cuz, I think that's interesting, and I'm weird....

We have a pretty good sized food storage and first aid and such. I was just thinking the other day, though, that we should get our 72-hour kits together, and do another inventory.

I've been thinking about that stuff a lot lately!

Good luck in your preparations! ;-)

Blog Stalker said...

Glad to hear 'some' people take care of looking after each other. It's certainly the way the world should work.

I don't htink anyone is ever 'totally' prepared. I knew a couple so so 'prepared' until it turned out that 2 years worth of food storage had actually been home to an infestation of mice. Once they found it out, because of a 'funny' smell. They scattered throughout the neighborhood. We're talking hundreds! And of course we ended up having to deal with some of them. Anyway, just saying, even when you are may not be ready!

Melissa said...

How crazy. I'm glad you had your power. And I complain about the lack of A.C. at school. I know what you mean about being prepared. Once a water main broke and I didn't have water for two days. I didn't realize how much water it takes just to wash a dish, flush a toilet, and shampoo my hair, let alone sustain life. Luckily, I just went out to eat, showered at mom's, and kept my two liter bottles of water on hand for drinking. It was a wake up call. I quadrupled the amount of water I now store.

Blog Stalker said...

So you like, won an award or something, so , like, come to my place and pick it up, like, okay..

Have a great day!

The Gardner Trio said...

AMazing how prepared you can feel when you don't need your food storage or emergency contacts etc.....I thought I was and then realized that we could have a few bowls of cereal and crackers! hahahah! Glad you guys made it threw the wind storm!

Marsie Pants said...

Thanks Summer for making me jealous of you. Looks like you had internet the whole time too. Our power came on after...51 hours so Breezi, I'm jealous of you too. And we just got our internet back last night. Boo to non-preparedness.

Zicker said...

HAM Radios!!! I think we should all install 20 foot receivers off the top of our houses and dedicate one room of the house to our communications center. Maybe we could link em all together and talk to aliens too!

The Garber Family said...

It's interesting how weather emergencies seemed worse in WA, too. High winds took out power for a week. 1 inch of snow stopped the whole western half of the state for 3 days. I guess for all the "extreme" temperatures that Utah has, it's pretty mild on the weather-related emergencies. I'm becomming a little complacent about all the preparedness stuff.

Breezi said...

Summer, I know you were totally joking... I really need to work on my sarcasm in my writing :o)
haha.... ohhh... maybe I'll take some lessons or something!

My Vt couldn't get a hold of me, she doesn't have my cell phone number, and of course my land line was out, and so was my internet... bummer dude

Next time we don't have power we'll just have a party at your house :o)

How is that situation with the sleep of the girls? Is Mia still waking up at the bum crack of dawn?

Tulsi said...

You always have a great attitude about everything. I'm practicing that. Not praying for a great attitude or I'll get hit with a boat load of things to practice with. So I'm just practicing with what I have:)