Tuesday, September 9

I choose cheese

My little sister's comment says it all. "'Breethe easy'? Oh plllllease. Too corny! haha"

Yes. I am corny. Cheese-covered corny.

My dad is the king of puns. They were ever-flowing- many times right over our heads. When you grow up with that kind of constant "pun"ishment, it rubs off.

"But who says it has to stick? I mean really!"

Well, I have a few reasons for keeping the corn.

Reason 1) Without puns, my sense of humor tends to lean toward bathroom humor, which is worse. And without corn and poop, we're left with dirt... which is even worser.

Reason 2) Cheese is what your mind turns into when you've changed diapers every day for three years. I am surrounded by babbling, screaming, drooling little people all day, every day. The only adult I have regular contact with wants to tell me about the prime transmitters for streptococcal pharyngitis, a term I had to look up just to refer here for you. I have nothing left to give... cheese is my comfort humor.

Reason 3) Melissa's comment: "Just one more reason for me to be a little jealous. Three cute kids, attentive hubby, and The Lion King."
If you didn't have something to make fun of, you'd hate my guts, because I have it all, baby.

Reason 4) I'm trying to cut down on the sarcasm.


The Garber Family said...

streptochocal transmitters. huh. I can only imagine how much Zach likes to talk about that stuff, based on what he got excited about when we were growing up...

Anonymous said...

I am with you. Cheese is the way to go!!

Tulsi said...

I have been working on the sarcasm, too. Not doing to well. I guess I love Cheese, too!!!

Melissa said...


Your cheesetastic! As a matter of fact I love cheese -- mozzarella, swiss, cheddar. It's not easy being cheesy -- You're still perfect in my eyes. And sarcasm is the only thing that separates us from the monkeys. Or, I mean children under the age of ten.

Britney said...

Hi Summer! You are quite the witty blogger. I've loved reading some of your recent posts.

Glad you got to get out and celebrate the anniversary!

Britney said...

PS- Permission to link to your blog?

Magirk said...

I like cheese. Is that because I've been changing diapers every day for the last 5 years?



You like corn and you like poop. You could put them together. I've changed the diapers of six kids, so I know first-hand that corn goes into poop quite effortlessly.

Grossest Line From A Comedian Ever:
I bought a Snickers bar from the bethroom attendant. Hey, I didn't know that Snickers had corn in it.

Yeah, I know. I gagged before I laughed at that one.

Blog Stalker said...

How funny, Cheese is a dish best served with sarcasm.

It is very Gouda of you to post such a topic. I for one love puns,sarcasm and humor. I cheddar at the thought of a world without any one of them.

Great post!
Have a great day.

Megs said...

Actually, I thought of dad as soon as I read the title. haha :) It's hard to get away from it. I know. And every time I hear a corny cheesy line...I roll my eyes and laugh, because it's sadly funny still.

GUESS WHAT!!!! OHIO, HERE I COME!!! I'll call you with details. :D

Breezi said...

You make my world a better place to be in :o)
Thank you for entertaining me jester girl! (that could be your new super-hero name)