Saturday, September 13

Mimi's Big Day

I spent four times the hours on this cake than I did on labor with the kid it was for. And it self-destructed twenty minutes after the party started. I can't believe I didn't get an "after" shot. (We were kind of busy. Eating it.)

Zach did a good job decorating, cleaning, and keeping the babies out of the kitchen. (Thanks again, honey.)

She had a good day. Her Princess Party started at 11:00ish. First, Princess primping. All the girls got to put on makeup. I knew I carted those Costco makeup samples around three moves for a reason. Yet one more argument for the pack rat in me. Mia liked the lipstick. Didn't like it when Mom started "helping."

We put a Princess tiara on every female in the room, and probably would have let the two daddies present join in the fun had we had any more. Tough luck, guys. Maybe next time. Hey- quit complaining, at least you got to give your daughter a makeover.

Played "Pin the Princess to the castle," (I have no idea what the game is called) where everyone got a chance to stick a Cinderella sticker in the vacant castle window while blindfolded. It was the only decoration up this morning when Mia came downstairs. She was so enthralled. "Looooook! It's my Princesses!" and she named all six. Then she turned to me and said "Thank you for putting this up while I was asleep, Mommy!" She stared at it, probably the least interesting thing I knew was in store for her today, for a good five minutes, thanking me over and over.

Then we had The Royal Lunch. My favorite chicken salad sandwiches that Zach's mom makes for special stuff. On croissants. Yummy. Some of the older princesses were very brave and tried them, but most of the kids, including Princess Mia, ended up with PB&J.

Then we ate the cake. There's something different about deconstructing a cake to eat it, and eating a cake that has already self-destructed. I felt pretty bad about serving our Royal Guests from the pile of chocolate, lemon, party sprinkle cake castle and toppled rice crispy treat towers. At least everything was fresh.

We opened some of the most awesome presents I've ever seen at a birthday party. Mrs. Potato head, Belle the doll, a Princess pillow, nifty little block set that is really a little house, an incredible art lap-desk complete with princess coloring book, stickers and coloring utencils, another Princess sticker/coloring book (thank goodness- she goes through those books like candy,) a dress-up kit with high heels and jewelry (no more pathetic imaginary dress-up! Yaaaay!) and last but not least- glow sticks. She and the babies were in heaven playing with every single present for the rest of the afternoon. Hobbling around on heels, glow sticks in the bathroom. They were very busy.

After presents everyone was getting a little too close to breaking into song and talking to mice, so our guests headed home.

As the day progressed, the surprises and presents got better and better, and Mia's reactions got smaller and smaller. So much for saving the best for last. By the time we got around to video calls with grandparents, Mia was pretty tired. She opened a cute gift and immediately said "Let's open another one!" I think she was overwhelmed, and was trying to get it over with. Maybe we'll put everything back in the gift bags for her to re-discover tomorrow.

One thing's for sure- we're set for clothes for another year. Yaaaay for Grandmas with Costco memberships! ;)

Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who contributed to making this such a special, happy day.


The Garber Family said...

That was an awesome cake. I love that you spent more time on it than in labor, although you have to admit to quick labor! It looks like Mia was completely and incandescently happy. Way to go!

Cherry Tree said...

Amazing cake! Sorry it got decimated, but I guess that was its eventual fate all along. Good luck toping that next year! Don't ya love it when the kids actually thank you and you didn't have to prompt them!?! Heber always says thanks when I do the laundry for him. Makes my day!

Dawn said...

That is an amazing cake! What a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful party!!! She'll remember that forever!

Breezi said...

Glad the party was such a hit!
Will you make me a princess cake for my birthday?? (Ohh wait... I don't like cake, you'll have to do something equally clever ;)

Anonymous said...

You are nothing short of AMAZING!!! I should hire you to plan Logan's 3rd birthday party next month!!! (I am worried I will be in the hospital having baby #3 on his birthday.) I am glad she had such a great day.

Megs said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIA!!!!! I wish I could have called, but I was out of town and out of service camping. :(
Sounds like the party went without a hitch. Maybe Mia will be ok with another present when I bring it with me next month :)

Magirk said...

Holy Cake, Batman! :-D

I keep seeing that one in the stores and magazines, and keep thinking I'll be brave and try it. And then I think, uh, no, I won't.

We're doing Dora this year, apprently.

Sounds (and looks) like it was a very fun time.

Princess was like that last year, going from present to present to present - we got her too many presents. So we (I - ha!) am paring down this year, by order of my Husband.

The pictures are awesome! It kinda makes me want to have a princess party... but my birthday's not for 3 more months! (maybe I can talk Hubby into it... hee hee) ;-)

Good job, Momma!

Sahara said...

So my nephew had a birthday part on Sat. (turning 3), and just sat there completely overwhelmed...blinking....not even smiling as we all gathered round to sing to him. He got over it though when he discovered he got to blow out the candles.

Way impressed with your party.

Melissa said...

Amazing cake. Love the turrets and the princesses in the window are a very nice touch. Mia will remember this always. I myself look back fondly on my Raggedy Ann party when I was four. Good times. Good times.

Blog Stalker said...

I just love Princess parties! And great looking cake too. I love the thought of everyone getting ready to sing and talk to mice, too funny. Seen the movie Enchanted? There is a scene with mice and pidgeons, ohhhhhh sooooo funny!

NatRat said...

What a awesome party! You don't need me to come decorate any cake for you, what are you talking about? That cake is awesome!! She looks so happy, way to go mom and dad!

The 5 of us said...

What a great day!
You are an AWSOME MOMMY!!!
I did add you to my blog & right now it's not private(it was too hard for people to get to!)I love your blog! I'm excited to comm.w/blogs!