Thursday, May 3

Too pooped to... what was I saying?

They are a week and a half old! But more importantly, I've lost 30 pounds! ha ha.

Mia has been pretty emotional. This morning she started bawling when she came and saw me sleeping. She actually wanted to snuggle. The day after we brought Anya and Bree home, she cried when Coralee left, and for the first time in months I was physically able to squat down to her level and hug her as long as she wanted. She calmed down immediately and just let me hold her for a few moments. The whole time I was thinking; “How long has she needed this?” and it brought me to tears. Other than that, I haven't cried since we got home last Wednesday. Amazing, really. I was a huge wreck last time.

I am starting to get really wiped out, however, from waking up every two and a half hours. They are too tired to breastfeed, so I’ve been pumping. Somehow, between getting bottles ready, trying to get enough food down them, changing diapers (Anya has been two per feeding quite often) and pumping, I can only get an hour of sleep per stretch. It is exhausting. I have tried napping during the day, but I can’t get to sleep fast enough, so I always end up just lying there for an hour. I wonder when it is safe to go to a three hour schedule at night.

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