Sunday, May 27

Good times

They just grew out of their preemie outfits this week! Bree’s legs are getting so plump! Anya is getting long and heavy. They are completely different girls. Just like Mark and Eric- two totally different kids that just happened to be born at the same time. Bree looks a lot like Mia. Anya looks like Kiley! When they are about 4 and 5, people are going to have a hard time figuring out which ones are twins. They are so cute. Especially when they are wide awake and looking around. Bree has kissable cheeks, and Anya has kissable lips, and Mia is just learning how to do Eskimo and butterfly kisses so between the three of them, my kisses are pretty busy!

Yesterday, Zach had rag that Mia wanted, and she said “I need dat!” in a loud, commanding toddler voice. We just looked at each other with our mouths open and started laughing. I guess that must be something we say a lot! She said it a few times until he gave it to her. Today I took her to the store with me and she asked me to pick her up on the way down the stairs, “Pit you up?” with her arms raised. And then, in the store, she kept pointing to the floor, repeating “Wat? Wat?” She wanted to walk. Oh- she’s irresistible.

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Magirk said...

They're all so beautiful. :)