Monday, May 7

Little Zoo, Expensive Flu

Coralee came over and watched Mia while I took Zach to the emergency room between feedings. That was around 6. I left him there to come home, put Mia down and for the next feeding. I put her down and started to change Anya’s diaper, when Mia woke to a knock on the front door and started crying for me. It was our downstairs neighbors bearing homemade bread. She settled down just in time for my visiting teacher to wake her up with another knock. I had called her to see if she could help with the next feeding, and when she didn’t answer or call back, I came home. But, there she was. So I gave her Anya and went in to put Mia down for the third time just as Kerry and Tyson knocked. Zach had called them to come give him a blessing.

So there was a little zoo at our house. Finally, around 9:30 everyone cleared out, and Mia went down without crying.

I had a 30 minute nap window, but Zach called to give me an update on how they are running more tests, even though he feels better and he is now uninsured. So here I am waiting for the next feeding in three minutes.

It’s 1 in the morning. Zach went back to his parent’s house to sleep. They think he just has the flu.

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