Friday, February 20

Up for sale

A real estate lawyer friend  of mine showed up on my Facebook feed, predicting the collapse of this latest housing bubble.  I told him of our plans to sell next year and asked him if we'd still have all this equity then.  He was positive we wouldn't.  

So I calculated how much money we'd get if we sold right now, and divided it by the months we have left.  When we crunched these numbers last year, our home was worth less, and there were more months to divide the money by.  We would have broken even.  Now- we'll come out ahead, even if we live somewhere nicer, and bigger, and most likely with a real pool.

So we put the house up for sale!  Yesterday was our first showing.  It took our good friends who have an identical house just one street up from us over 6 months to sell theirs, and they weren't backed up against a busy street, so it's a good thing we're starting now.  But ours is also like new inside because it was just remodeled three years ago, and has a backyard like none others I've seen in Vegas.  Landscaped with tons of lawn, a covered patio, room for a pool and a sandbox. The couple that came yesterday said they were looking for a place to start a family, and I was happy to show them our yard, ha. 

So we've got our fingers crossed that all Zach's hard work will pay off.  The entire backyard was covered in rock as you can see from this photo:
 He hauled about a ton of rock to one side of the yard and put in a sprinkler system, and planted a lawn.  (In all of his "spare" time... see why I call him an elf??)

And now we have this! Believe me, for this part of the desert, it's a pretty awesome yard. ;D

Wish us luck. :)


So while I was writing this, our agent was writing me.  The couple that came?  Just offered on our house- full asking price, no seller concessions. Ta da! Wouldn't that be hilarious if they get the house? 


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