Monday, April 13

The Easter Eagle

Zach entered a raffle at Giant Eagle and we won an Easter basket!

I love that place. Mia begs to go there every time I say I need to go to the store, because they have "The Eagle's Nest," a huge, always spotless room, full of toys, two awesome adults, and sometimes one other kid. For a half to a full hour, instead of hauling her from aisle to aisle, she goes to the "playplace" for free. I walk by the huge window halfway through, and she always waves and says "hi," and when it's time to go, she doesn't cry! I think they sprayed the place with magic dust when it was built- because it is just too easy. I'll miss it when we move- especially after next year when the twins are old enough to go, too.

Friday afternoon we went to an egg hunt at our friend's house. The twins ended up needing to nap right then, so they missed out on that one.

Easter morning Mia found her basket in her room, complete with the strawberry gum she had mentioned she hoped would be in there (three times.)

After church we had our own egg hunt on our patch of lawn- which turned out to be the perfect size for two clueless toddlers and one helpful preschooler.

Unexpected perks of being a twin.

Candy is much more interesting than Mom with her camera. .

Anything for these guys is more interesting than Mom with her camera..

Last night was also our ward's Easter musical fireside. Mia got to sing for the first time up at the podium in the sacrament meeting room: "When He Comes Again." Apart from me manually helping her to keep her face toward the microphone, she did a great job. The day we were asked to sing it I made her a little book with pictures that went with the lyrics. What I should have been planning was how to keep a straight face while she sang.

Hope you had a great holiday!


cari said...

Your girls look so cute in their easter dresses. Seeing them makes me want a little girl.

RhondaLue said...

wow! She's already performing? nice!

Those photos are priceless. I love 'em! and they all look so Easter Pretty.

Breezi said...

everyone's gotta love winning wheat and gluten free dough! :)

Your sweet little girls are just the cutest ever! (well, aside from mine.... lol)

Alisa said...

What adorable Easter dresses! Next year, Easter egg hunt at aunt Martie's house. Will you be back by then?

NatRat said...

Sweet Easter basket you won.

The girls look so great in their Easter dresses. Looks like it was a great holiday for your fam.

The Garber Family said...

Great pictures of the Easter Hunt and wowie to Mia for singing in front of all those peeps!

Leah Southwick said...

Your girls are so adorable. What a fun Easter!

Tulsi said...

The girls are so cute. I loved seeing the "slide house". We had one for our kids when they were little. I can't imagine them in it now.

Mitchell Family said...

Oh your little family... such cute girls. Love the dresses too!

Megs said...

I always knew Mia would sing :) How could she not? As everyone keeps saying, the three are destined to be a trio. It's in the genes.
I can't believe how within just a few weeks between posts how different the girls already look. It looks like they already had their birthday and are another year older! Speaking of....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in a few hours) BABY GIRLS!!!!