Friday, April 24

Celebration Part 1

Mia's preschool theme this week was "Babies," so we decided to go on a field trip to the zoo to see the new baby elephant. I thought it would be a fun way for the twins to spend their acutal birthday, since we put off the party until Saturday.

The highly touted baby elephant has a limited viewing schedule- from 11 to 1. We got in the very short line at 10:45 and only waited about 20 minutes. There was a lonely looking rhino in the pen before the elephant. He looked like he was feeling outshined...

The new addition was well worth the wait. It was so cute- toddling around, almost jumping sometimes, playing with it's mommy.

I love how elephants always seem like they're smiling.

The flamingoes weirded everyone out. Just doin' their thing.

The kids played on the shark and manta statues for quite a while. Real animals just don't seem to be necessary for a good zoo time at this age, do they...

An orangutan with a quirky personality popped this box over himself and hid before peeking out. Then he ran over and scared the giggles out of Mia and Abby. Mia is a definite fan of all things monkey.

Hey, babies- what does a monkey say?

We had already gone to the zoo last week when grandma came to visit, so I wondered how well the girls would take round two. Surprisingly, the twins were much more content to stay in the stroller this time. They entertained each other when there was nothing to see.

When we rounded the corner that brought the carousel into view, Bree started shrieking and clapping her hands. I was surprised she even knew what it was from that distance! She didn't stop beaming from the moment she saw it til we finished the ride and walked away. Anya wasn't too thrilled with it last week, so she sat this one out. Mia wasn't as happy to ride as she thought she'd be, when she realized I had to have my arms around both her and Bree (who was swatting my hands away trying to ride free from help,) but she made it out alive.

We fed the ugly fish that remind me of the ugly aliens on "Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy."

Saw the prettier fish and the manatees.

It was overall a VERY eventful outing, including briefly losing Bree's shoe in the parking lot, then briefly losing Bree out of her stroller seat at the entrance, briefly losing Anya while the kids were playing on the statues and Mom was shooting pictures with too much confidence in her peripheral vision, (drrttt!!!) sharing lunch, Mia falling and skinning her knee requiring not only our friend's handy First-Aid kit, but a ride in our other friend's stroller, and saving dropped fruit snacks.

And THEN (yes this day was a long one,) after dinner we went out for ice cream. For once, the babies didn't have to share mom or dad's- they got their very own.

After a party tomorrow these kids are gonna be spoiled rotten. :) Oh, well- bring on the birthday cake!


Marsie Pants said...

Those pics are awesome!! You have my email address, right? ;-) I'm glad we did it yesterday. Abby had such a fun time, she talked Dad into going again this afternoon. Oh well, I'll be at work! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABYBABY!!

Mitchell Family said...

SOOO CUTE! I have yet to take my kids to the zoo... feel kind- of guilty! Great pictures!

NatRat said...

I want to go to your zoo. Looks like a blast. I have never noticed the elephant smiling thing...great observation.

The Garber Family said...

Zoos outside of Utah tend to be quite awesome. I'm not saying Hogle isn't kind of cool, but I was a lot more impressed with WA zoos, and it looks like Ohio's is much the same.
Looks like you did VERY well with all three on your own? I didn't see any pics of Zach, so I assumed you did that outing by yourself, with friends. Good work! And awesome pictures to boot!

Summer said...

Ha- had I gone on my own I wouldn't have made it home with all three kids. Or they all would have hated my guts for never letting them out of the stroller (which didn't even stop Bree from getting out and lost for a minute.)

Megs said...

The girls are so lucky to have a mom that never leaves home without her camera. :) Their entire lives will be properly documented with every embarassing and entertaining moments to remind them mom will always be able to revert to blackmail. :)
Looks like they had a blast! And you were probably completely and utterly exhausted.
Thanks again for calling on my birthday :) Sorry I had to cut it short though

Picture Perfect said...

What a fun day! BTW, what kind of camera do you have because your pics are awesome?!