Saturday, April 4

Art Museum

How do you convey the wonder of things ancient to a three-year-old? You don't.

There's an exhibit called "To Live Forever" at the Columbus Museum of Art. A couple of weeks ago we got to see sarcophagi, mummies, ancient writings and drawings.

Mia has a cool book on Egyptian Tombs and had already learned the names of the Egyptian gods Osiris, Isis, Anubis, Horus and Thoth, each with their distinctive headdress, animal head, or color. (I accidentally learned them too, it seems- haha. They're cool! McDonald's should come up with an Egyptian God doll collection... Okay, enough with the sacrilege. Out of all religions, mine probably most closely resembles theirs in dedication to preparation for the next life. ;) So I thought it would be fun to go see authentic drawings from people who really worshipped them.

Zach and I went on the tour the night before, and thought maybe Mia wouldn't be completely bored out of her mind if I brought her. When we saw the dress-up place at the end, that clinched it. I shouldn't have told her about it though, because when I took her the next day, after almost every display we looked at, she asked "Can we go to the dress-up place now?" She did think the mummy dogs were interesting, and- of course- the jewelry.


Melissa said...

When I was very young my parents took me to see the King Ramses exhibit that was touring at BYU. I do remember there being extremely long lines but I also remember how amazingly cool it was. I'm sure I was a big whiner and gave my parents fits, because that pretty much sums up my entire childhood, but I can definitely appreciate the fact that I saw it. How many people can say they've seen a death mask made of solid gold? So, keep up the good work mommy. You're giving her great experiences.

Summer said...

I went to that, too! I LOVED it! We got a stencil to draw the Egyptian alphabet characters, I was totally fascinated. That was an amazing exhibit- I wish I could see it again!

The Garber Family said...

You guys get out to some pretty cool stuff!