Wednesday, April 1

Don't leave me with the Ghiradelli

"Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink" applied at our house this winter. I was constantly surrounded by people, yet always alone. Separated not by salt, but by IQ points. (Yes- Zach is way too smart for me.) During this depressing and solitary winter I've had a chance to learn a lot about myself. Of course I have to post these things online, because one of those things about me is I'm convinced you all care what I think about myself-self-self-self... is there an echo in here?

In no particular order:

I must not be left alone in a house where there is a pan of Ghiradelli brownies, especially at the end of the month.

I'm not just pretending not to care about the neverending mess. I really don't care. As long as we're safe, and we can find things in a reasonable amount of time, I'm truly fine with the fact that the mess just morphs from one set of toys to another, one day's worth of spilled-on clothes to the next. We either live downstairs in the messy room and play, or upstairs doing laundry and not messing up the downstairs. Or we're at the park. Messy room and park most always win.

I take too much stock in the world's idea of romance.

Food storage and recycling are higher on my list of priorities than I realized.

Taking pictures defines me in a way motherhood doesn't. And taking pictures of my kids isn't enough. I will never agree that ideally, the best person to raise a kid is someone other than a loving mother, but I've finally learned first-hand how occasionally doing things other than raising kids can help a mother to be more loving.

I've decided while guilt is stupid, perfectionism is stupider.
And pride is stupidest.
We won't go into where I think I fall on the stupid scale...

The world of women used to be divided by those who loved Neil Diamond and those who couldn't stand him. The new line has been drawn by "the Twilight phenomenon." After careful deliberation I've decided I am on the not-a-fan side. I do find myself wishing I could go back in time and tell Ms. Meyer to leave out the dumb parts and hold out for a film director with some professional talent, and then be 14 myself when the series came out. Because then- I would definitely have been a fan.

I can cut girl hair.


Marsie Pants said...

I totally agree about the not-being-a-mother-all-the-time thing. That's why I work. Not because we really need the money, but so I can do something other than take care of my kids. I go take care of other people's kids instead. And here's how I feel about Twilight: I liked it but I feel like I was manipulated to like it. I didn't like the movie at all. I felt like the books sucked me in against my will and I was powerless to stop it. And they got worse with each successive book. And still I own them all. Go figure.

Michelle said...

Totally agree with the twilight thing..once you read there is no going back..the movie sucked royally and I watch it just to find it sucks even more(but i will probably own it because it is something I can have on in the background..) Crossing my fingers New Moon's director is better!! Being home as much as I have been with the kids has made me realize why I was working..which reminds me I need to go back soon..And any time you need "students" for your photography just let me know!!

RhondaLue said...

Ok Twilight-LOVED the books. Couldn't wait to read. I'd force myself to get so much housework done before i allowed myself to sit with the book!

The movie? I liked it but I think I've decided to like it because I loved the books so much. Plus I have 3 teenagers obsessed with it so I might be a disowned momma if I didn't like it, cheese and all.

You cut good girl hair! And I loved your post today. I'm jealous that you don't care about the mess. i have an internal fight constantly not to spend all my time "picking up" when I should be enjoying my kids. I'm MUCh better than I used to be but still not at ease when something's on the floor. It's a curse. Cuz I have six kids. And stuff is always. on. the. floor.

Britney said...

Nice to meet another non-fan of Twilight. It seems we are few and far between.

Kelly D. said...

Bravo on the haircuts! That is a seriously handy skill with so many little girls running around (and I should know!). Chalk it up to ANOTHER one of your amazing talents that I'm totally jealous of :)

Welcome to the dark side! I am the opposite of a Stephanie Meyer/Twilight fan. Although you bring up a good point: I KNOW I would have eaten it up as 14-year-old. Scary thought! The first book left such a bad taste in my mouth that I avoided all the others and the movie as well. It was quite enough for me!

The Garber Family said...

Cute haircuts! Marsie Pants hit it right on for me with the Twilight stuff. Good description.
And I love to teach piano. It's nice to know that you CAN give your talents to support your family, and enjoy it at the same time!

Magirk said...

Cool. :-)