Tuesday, March 3

Hide and seek, Mia style

Back in the day, when I was one of those they were talking about when they said "kids can be so cruel," my version of hide and seek with my gullible younger siblings was called "hide-n-no-seek." I wanted to read, and the little twerp (name was applicable to any one of them) wanted to play.
"Fine, twerp- wanna play hide-n-no-seek?"
Little face would light up. "Yeah!"
"K- I'll count, you go hide."
Twenty minutes later, little twerp would be at my side again wondering why the heck I didn't look for them. I'd repeat the name of the game more slowly. Dallin never forgave me- I'm not even in his top friends list on MySpace.

So, I try to be a little nicer to the kids I'm dealing with nowadays, so as to earn the privilege of gracing their top friend space when they grow up. Even though by then it will be a "top hologram space" in their living room, and lifesized 3-D images of their favorite people will be standing in their living room and will start talking and moving when each person is online, and it will be kind of creepy, I still hope to achieve some kind of "top" status.

I have devised a simple method for accomplishing this objective: do the oppostite of everything I did to Dallin. (And Zach thinks the reason I won't paint Mia's fingernails is because I'm trying to get her to stop picking them... ;)

And "Hide-n-no-seek" has again become the game I played in my pre-evil-sister days... just a little glammed up and dumbed down.

Mia requires princess costumes to be worn while playing. (Which reminds me- I've got to change out of my Sunday skirt before I haul the girls to get our propane tank refilled. They're finishing up their raspberry flavored peaches- I'd better type fast.) She also requires: help with her hiding place, "cover me with these cushions!" helping you with yours, at least one giggle from the hider during the search, and two places to be wondered about out loud after the hider has been spotted. If any of these essentials is omitted, correction will be made: "Moooom!.. you have to giggle now!" "Noooo! You can't find me yeeet!!"

She actually got me after this one. I had to take an extended counting trip to the princess room, and when I got out, I had no idea where she was. I almost went upstairs, but I got my courtesy giggle and headed back to the living room.
Where in the?
She had squeezed under the couch. I was quite impressed.
"Wow- Mim! What a great hiding place!"
She giggled as she scooted out. "Thanks!"


Shoulda played with the twerps.


Magirk said...

I love that "'requires' princess costumes to be worn while playing." Haha! Around here, our Princess always gives us the script for how she would like things to proceed, down to the exact wording. And if we get it wrong, we have to start everything over, after she has precisely corrected us and re-informed us on how it should go. It's funny some of the things that go through their minds...

Cute picture. :-)

Britney said...

Funny. Unfortunately, I remember playing "hide-n-no-seek" with my younger siblings many, many years ago, too.

Now that I've seen older kids play it with my own son, though, it kinda breaks my heart, and makes me regret that I was ever such a meanie of a non-seeker.

Another life lesson learned in motherhood. :)

Kelly D. said...

I think every big sister did the "hide-n-no-seek" thing. I know I did. I swear it's an evolutionary coping mechanism to keep from being bugged to death by younger siblings. So try not to feel too guilty ;)

I'm glad that Mia has found a way to incorporate princess costumes into the game--gotta dress for the occasion!

Blog Stalker said...

Growing up you were learning as well as the twerps. I hope you do get along now though! What a fun game of hide and seek by the way. Very similar to ours. Always easy to find them by acting like you can't and that of course starts the giggling. These will make great memories!

Have a great day!

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

Hey Summer, this is your cousin Rachelle (Casey's wife) I just found your blog off of Brinley's. So now I am stalking you guys! I will be fun to get to know you better! www.vanwagonermemories.blogspot.com

The Garber Family said...

We have really enjoyed Hide-n-seek lately with Hannah and Madelyn. But Matt and I always fight over who has to hide with Miles. His crying usually gives up our spot.

Tulsi said...

I love how if they can't see you , they think they are hiding.

Tulsi said...

I have an award for you on my blog if you care to see it.

Megs said...

Oh yes...I remember Hide-n-no-seek. Very Well. I also remember being a twerp. Oh the things we do. At least Dallin and I got you back by hiding in the back of the van when you were driving to a friends...and then jumping up and scaring you....and getting in a LOT of trouble...huh. Guess we didn't really get you back very well....