Sunday, March 22

I've got a funny-bone ache THIS BIG

I'm sitting with my head in my hands waiting for the Ibuprofin to kick in.

Mia grabs her pretend doctor kit and asks "Are you sick? Do you need me to fix you?"

"Yes, Dr. Mia."

"Okaaaay. My doctor kit is open! Now I will make you feel better! Do you need a shot?"

"Ummm- yeah, I think so."

"Okay!" She marches up and sticks her fake little needle into one of the arms supporting my head. "There. On, no! You have a broken funny bone!... in your head!!"

She grabs her pretend stethoscope, and seeing that the chest of her patient is hunched over knees and behind two arms, sticks the diaphragm end on my head. "Now let's listen." She pushes the sound button, and the stethoscope sounds a fake heartbeat and coughs. She removes it from my head, "Sounds good. Hmm- your funny bone is still broken, though."

A quick sift through the remaining tools in her kit, "You need a Band-Aid!" She marches up and pops the pretend plastic Band-Aid on my thumb. "There! I fixed your funny bone! Do you feel better?"

Pound, pound. My head has no idea how well it and it's funny bone has just been cared for, but my brain is feeling 100% improved.


Alisa said...

What a sweet story. What a darling little girl, her daddy the doctor has obviously been teaching her some excellent patient care :-)

Marsie Pants said...

CUTE picture. I have to teach Abby about the funny bone now so she can keep up.

RhondaLue said...

Ok, Complete CUTENESS.

I'm SO sorry about the headache. I had one last night that wasn't too bad but something bad happened during the night in my head and it's been a mess. Have you ever had a headache actually WAKE you from sleep? So wierd. I need some excedrin migraine and a fully caffeinated coke. It's truly the only thing that's kept me out of the ER with migraines for the past 3 yrs. try it! Walmart has their off brand way cheaper too.

Kelly D. said...

Wow, not one but TWO doctors in the family. You are one lucky woman.

The Garber Family said...

Broken Funny Bone. Sadly, I think that mine is in need of repair 90% of the time. I wish Dr. Mia made house calls.

Blog Stalker said...

These are the moments we treasure forever. Tool cute! Amazing how our cute kids can cure even the headaches they give us.

Have a great day!

Megs said...

:*( I hope you are feeling better. I know Dr. Mia is good and all....but.....sometimes Dr. Zach is just as good. And nothing against the hubby (cause he was right with me...and that was decribing symptoms over the phone thousands of miles away right after he finished taking tests) - maybe a graduated doctor that can prescribe you something might be good too. Though if anyone tells you your funny bone is anywhere BUT your head...send them Mia's way.

Anonymous said...

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